Sunday, February 18, 2018

Terrain WIP PART 2: Crazy, Unbelievable Progress

For all intents and purposes I practically abandoned my family today but it was for a good cause.  That laundry list of terrain items I was working on yesterday have been completely checked off!  DONE!

All new trees based and the bases textured and painted.
The tree bases match my board colors.

Lots of variety, but still some uniformity as well.

Still need to decorate this round wooden piece representing a wooded area or forest.  Going to add twigs, flock, rocks, etc.

The lot of newer trees.  Not bad to supplement my existing flocked trees.

2 x new flocked and textured hills to add to the collection.
This was a Warzone Hill which I painted and dry brushed and flocked to better match the table.

Those cornfields look awesome.  They're done!  Also, my 10mm town rectangles, and hedges are done.

I LOVE how this field turned out.

These will be perfect for Waterloo this year in 10mm using C&C Naps...Ooops did I let that slip?

Another coat of glue and flock on these bad boys.

I'm also very pleased to report I completed another AWI Regiment - this time a generic loyalist unit, somewhat after the King's Carolina Rangers, but will see service in the northern department.

Hurried brushwork, but these Loyalist American look close enough for Government Service....British Government Service that is! (By the way, it will most certainly please my British readers to know that a relation of mine bearing the same last name fought for a loyalist New Jersey light infantry regiment during the AWI.)

I made them intentionally different looking and wearing lots of civilian gear since roughly the same colors were used for my Green Mountain Boys.

And progress on the WWII front continues with Germans, Soviet Platoon #4 and the Naval Infantry Receiving their dullcoating today.  That's 4 total Soviet units of 8 stands and 1 command stand FINISHED for Battlegroup/FoW/Up the Blue!/Etc, with 2 more to go.  I also started the Germans today as well.  The German project will not be as big as the Soviet project Im happy to say.
First German units receive their new flock and base texturing.

Soviet Battlegroup Platoon #4 is ready for war!  #3 and the platoon leaders to their left.  I literally only have Soviet Platoon #6 and the small 2 x squad SMG platoon left and the WWII Soviet infantry are DONE!  Armor is next...

The Naval Infantry are digging their new stand look as well.

MAN that's all for now.  Supposed to play a game of Up the Blue with Alex tomorrow.  I will most certainly be taking pictures and blogging the whole thing so stay tuned!  Huzzah!


  1. Lovely stuff. Matching your unit's basing with your table is brilliant. It really makes the bases blend in to show off the minis.

    1. Thank you Allan. My goal was to improve my terrain for 2018. Im hoping it has the desired effect on my games.

  2. I agree that the base should blend into the table - shows up the minis better. My favorite spray color for bases matches my usual cloth almost perfectly. I don't have a permanent table, but plan to create features on it that will also blend well with my WWII bases.

    1. Cheers Alex. Ive resolved to "up my game" with terrain this year so it flows much better and transitions better on the table.

      Looking forward to seeing your stuff! You could make some cool drop terrain.