Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lots of Painting! Little Else!

No gaming on the gaming front but I do have lots of painting to show for my time, which frankly there hasn't been much of lately!  Work, family, life all seem to conspire to get in the way of good gaming but I do have some outstanding progress to report on, including a huge 2018 milestone that is almost behind me.

6mm Microarmor forces for Team Yankee / Etc

These tiny forces pack a big punch.  An entire US force in 6mm is DONE!  That's 14 M1 Abrams, 12 M113 APCs, 2 full US mech infantry platoons, 3 SP M106 mortar tracks, 2 x M901 ITOW vehicles, 3 x M109 SP Howitzers, 9 x M60A3 MBTs, 12 M551 Sheridan light tanks.  All painted in winter MERDC camouflage.

6mm Woodland Camouflage.  Close enough for government work!

Sheridans arrayed for battle

M60s ready for action

dragon teams and M16/SAW Teams

Bundeswehr Armor on the left (not painted yet) American stuff in MERDC on the right.


 Only thing missing now are the ADA, and air power and I'm ready for a HUGE Team Yankee game on my table.

On the Soviet side, I've painted up 16 infantry teams, about 12 RPG teams, PKM teams, AGS-17 teams, command teams, and even some ATGM teams!
"Frosted" Soviets.  Pro Tip: Don't apply matte sealant when it's really humid.  That is all.

Soviet AK74/RPK teams

RPG teams and command stand


PKM Teams.  Simple plan.  If the stand has 2 figures on it, it's a specialist stand.  If it has 3, it's a standard infantry "team" armed with small arms and an RPG18.

On the West German side, I've painted up 2 x full strength infantry platoons consisting of 3 MG-3 teams, and 2 MILAN teams each.  Next up, I'll be giving my Arabs and Israelis the same treatment in preparation for Fate of a Nation!

West Germans using Dragons for MILANs.  I know, I know but they're 6mm tall!

15mm World War II Germans:
Happy to report another Infantry company is done, based to the similar standard of my 1st Kompanie and ready for action.  That makes 2 full strength German infantry companies as well as their supporting HMG stands, and mortar stands.  The Engineer Company is also done and the last of the German projects for 2018 are being started as we speak!  That is the 3rd company of infantry, their Battalion HQs, and finally the infantry SS company.  They are all based for CROSSFIRE / Flames of War / etc.  The Soviets were also finished this week so my WWII goal for 2018 is on the cusp of being realized.  What's big about that?  This is the first time i've seen a project of this magnitude through to completion.  That will be an entire German battalion based for Crossfire, with double the Soviets!
2 Full CROSSFIRE German Companies

same basing treatment

Hungarian Engineers painted as Germans.  Ooops.

Waterloo Commands & Colors Napoleonics Game
I am at about 80% finished with Le Haye Saint for the June Waterloo 10mm game as well!  It will stand-in for Hougoumont and a smaller farm complex will stand in for LHS.

Le Haye Saint from Leven Miniatures

Still needs textured and flocked.  

Love the detail on the model!

The key to Waterloo?

Just so everyone knows I'm actually doing stuff over here!  For gaming, I'm hoping to do a test game of modern BATTLEGROUP soon, as well as a test game for a large CROSSFIRE convention scenario I'm planning.  That's about it.  I'd love to get a "practice" game of Commands Colors Napoleonics on the table as well.  So that's about the bulk of my gaming plans for the next month or so (assuming I have adequate time to do it).

Hope to break out more AWI units and get them painted as well.


  1. Looking good, Steve! You're crazy doing Woodland camo on 6mm, but it looks great, and the frosting of the Soviets isn't that noticeable in the pics (I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't said anything); I've had much worse cases of frosting, so much so that I hardly even matte coat stuff anymore out of fear. Anyway, hope you get some games in soon!


    1. Thanks Jack! So this is the first time this has ever happened to me and I feel like it has to be the humidity. If you check out the German / Hungarian engineers they were also frosted but I added black ink was to them and it made them look more tolerable. I’ll try to get some gaming in soon.

  2. Good update Steve. I have read in a few places that the solution to frosting is to re-spray in gloss and then apply the mat again, though don't take my word for that as I wasn't paying proper attention, bit a Google search might bring up some sources.

    1. Thanks Norm. I think I can overcome the frosting with a black wash that seemed to do the trick. The gloss also might work I’ll have to try that!

  3. Superb stuff mate - that US stuff is great looking.
    I 2nd the tip from norm - gloss then re-spray, or alternatively use a brush on matt.
    You can also use olive oil to bring back the original colours.
    In other news, Turns out my US trip was to the other side of the continent, in California this time, but east coast next time I hope.

    1. Cheers Darren, you will have to let me know when on the East coast of the US. We will definitely get a game in!