Monday, October 8, 2018

By Sigmar, That will do nicely!

From the cold, dark, northern mountains a fell wind blew.  The old timers in the Regiment all thought it was a bad omen when the man Sylvanus failed to return from Gallach.  Perhaps the orcs were returning, as their grandfathers had long ago feared.  As children they were told stories of the legions of the Empire's defenders, its bravest sons, who had marched to the north to stop the savage green-skins, never to return.

Making more progress on my units for SPEAR TO THE STRIFE, Alex's version of Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargame "Dark Ages" rules.  As mentioned in past posts, the first time I played them, I thought they'd work perfectly for low-fantasy battles and might just scratch the itch for a simple but fun mass-battle game in a fantasy setting.

I thought I would report on the progress so far, with both armies starting to take shape!

Full "Regiments" so far.  2 x Units of Empire Troops, and 4 x Units of Orc Troops
 The forces of the Empire (men) have a completed unit of swordsmen and a crossbow unit already done.

The forces of the evil Orcs of "drazen's horde" have 4 units completed, 2 warbands with swords, and one of spears.  They also have heavy boar-riding cavalry as well.  The Orcs are presently a mixed bag of Warmaster GW 10mm figures, and Kallistra 10mm figures.  The Empire troops, so far, are all Kallistra but that's going to change soon.

After digging through the lead mountain, I found more unpainted 10mm fantasy goodness...

no texture or flock on the bases yet but it's coming!

Crossbowmen ready to rain death down on the greenskins!
 And now for the lovable, snuggly orcs...

GW Orc "Regiment" Lots of teeth here!

The invasion force marching into Empire territory
 But reinforcements are already enroute!  3 x more Empire "regiments" are below.  2 units of Halberdiers, 1 x GW and 1 x Kallistra unit.  I also have a unit of "light infantry" with short swords and a few crossbows or regular bows.  Once done, I'll grab the last of the humans and Orcs I have on-hand including some very special weapons and creatures...

Empire reinforcements 2 units of Halberdiers and 1 unit of light troops.

More Orcs and Empire troops including more Orc spears, and Orc commanders that a multi-barrelled cannon?  Why yes it is!

Orc Light Cavalry (light wolf riders) and of course Trolls.  What "from the cold, dark, northern mountains" force would be complete without them??

newly located goodies.  Another GW Halberdier unit, knights, pistoliers, and handgunners.

Lastly - if the trolls weren't bad enough - there are ogres too.  nothing but trouble!


  1. This is promising to be quite the bash!

  2. What a great and great looking project, though :the Empire's defenders, its bravest sons, who had marched to the north to stop the savage green-skins, never to return" is not a story to inspire much confidence in the NCOs' club.

    1. Michael i prefer dark and foreboding rather than uplifting and hopeful! I think it fits better into the storyline!

  3. Excellent stuff mate. That certainly is a sweet spot for scale for massed rank and flank fantasy battles

    1. Cheers Paul. I finally have a use for them and im thrilled! Cant wait to get some hack and slash battle on the table!