Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Building & Table WIP: Paying Off? You be the judge!

As promised, here are some gratuitous pics of my buildings progress.  The Sweney House, which deviates a little bit from the real thing that still stands today as a popular restaurant, and a generic AWI/ACW rural farmhouse that I cannot wait to use in my games coming up.  You can also see a little bit of the tree work that was done and the new felt mat.

A house modeled on the "Sweney House" in Gettysburg

THe houses aren't yet finished, but they're getting there.  I still need to build chimneys for both houses, although on the farm house you can make out the stack of the chimney and fireplace structure peeking out from the other side.  They're match sticks that haven't been painted yet.

Cool picture

This peaceful picture is missing a raging ACW or AWI battle occurring literally all around it.  But you can use your imagination for now.

Still need to paint the fences (even as I build more and more!) and get some stone fences built.  My next big step is to build a bunch of foam hill shapes, including a 4' wide ridgeline and a bunch of other hills.  I basically need enough ridges and hills for Day 1 of Gettysburg, and at the very least the Teugen-Hausen 1809 Napoleonic battle.

That, along with spraying "fields" onto the mat will take up some time and I fear it's still a little bit of a ways until a grand ACW bash, but we're getting there.

ACW rural farmhouse with cereal box timbers!

Obligatory "old-timey" picture of the Sweney House

As mentioned in a previous post, I'm working next on the Codori Barn, the McPherson Barn and numerous other houses and that should complete my ACW building kick (IE Dunker Church is a must-have).  Next up will be 10mm Napoleonic buildings/townhouses and German timber-framed houses as well.  Lots of ideas in that department!  This terrain is pretty much perfect for 6mm and 10mm, and will be great for Brigade level games like Fire and Fury where the brigades are about 6 inches to 12 inches wide and need space.  These buildings also ensure a single barn isn't the length of an entire division on the table!

Lots more cool stuff coming up so stay tuned everyone.  I'm chomping at the bit to get my next wargame in and the choices are many.  I'm almost done rebasing my ancients collection and will post a pic of them in the coming days for a game of "Age of Hannibal" or even "Commands and Colors ANcients".


  1. Looks great Steve! Excellent job.

  2. Well this is all coming along very nicely Steve and it all looks good to me:).

  3. Replies
    1. High praise indeed! Thanks Jeffers!

    2. Great work steve - I would have left a comment earlier but Google is toying with me... I love what you have done with the timber building. Also look work to the Little Wars TV rules. They are lovely to read.

    3. Thanks Darren! I'm almost done rebasing my Ancients and have a very respectable sized force for Age of Hannibal now. So plenty of action coming up stay tuned.