Saturday, March 30, 2024

On The Generosity of Wargamers

Wargamers are a special bunch.  We occupy a small niche hobby united by a love of toy soldiers and simulating battles.  One thing that never fails to impress me about the people in this hobby is their generosity and willingness to help out a fellow wargamer.  I have experienced much of this generosity in my 30 years in the hobby and it certainly spans continents and oceans.

Wargamers the world over "get it", and when we have an opportunity to help out a fellow hobbyist in need, many of us jump on it.  Need research help?  Someone has read a book on it and can kindly point you in the right direction.  Need a QRS scanned?  Somebody's got it.  The blog-world has perhaps made this mutually supporting network even stronger

Palm Trees that travelled a good way to get to Pennsylvania!

I got to experience this generosity first-hand when a few weeks back when I posted some of my palm-tree troubles for the upcoming Kasserine Pass game, Peter from Grid Based Wargaming emailed me to inform me that he had a trove of excess 6mm scaled Palm Trees that he would ship to me if I was interested.  I informed him in no uncertain terms that I was extremely interested and would gladly take him up on his kind offer!

I love these trees!  Going to make quite a few stands of them for micro armor games.

I am happy to report they arrived and in perfect condition from the other side of the world.  Many thanks, Peter, from a happy wargamer!  These 6mm trees will grace many a North African and Middle Eastern battlefield and I am eternally grateful, sir.

Awesome detail!

I am working on a surprise item to send Peter's way in support of his North Africa WW2 6mm battles for when he plays his excellent "Tank on Tank" 6mm North African desert game.  The only hint I'll give is "GREIF", and that it is on its way to the USA now from the UK, with follow-on transport down under after I apply some critical details!  More on that in a future post....

Anyways, thank you for sending these to me, Peter.  They are much appreciated and will be put to very good use in our upcoming Kasserine Pass game.  I best get cracking on the scenario now!

I hope those who celebrate have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


  1. As they would say in Australia, Peter is a good bloke.

  2. My oath, that Peter is a fair dinkum top Aussie bloke, mate!

  3. Glad to see they arrived safe and sound. I know from experience how frustrating creating palm trees are for 6mm games and it is good to see the trees will be put to use. I am now thinking I should start preparing my WW2 Western Desert armies for a game :-)

  4. They are particularly nice palm models and should make a good scene setter.