Sunday, July 24, 2016

Historicon Figure Touch-Up and Stalingrad Brick Dust Basing

So I had a little bit of time to try and get some painting done and I'm happy to report another stand of Bavarians are finished, in addition to a "Battalion" or Brigade or whatever unit of Brunswickers I picked up on the cheap at Historicon were completed yesterday morning at "Oh Dark Thirty."

First up are the Black Brunswickers - part of Wellington's "hearse."  These are, I believe, Minifigs, and there is really nothing special about them except for the fact that they were somewhat painted when I got them.  They needed some TLC so I cleaned them up and presto.  Another unit for the table finished!

Repainted them black, touched up their packs, cuffs, and headgear and left the musket hardware the way it was.  I think they look tolerable.  Good enough for my needs on the tabletop at any rate.

Next up, of course, a stand of Bavarians, making my 2nd Battalion halfway finished!

More Bavarians for my Bavarian collection.  Going to polish off the rest of the Battalion this weekend bringing the total Bavarian count to a whopping 12 stands...

Finally the most anticipated part of the weekend's blog post!  The city ruins basing.  This is part of the smashed brick dust I used from a few posts ago, painted black and dry-brushed grey.  Next step is to paint and add figures, and then put real, unpainted brick dust on top of the grey stuff, making it look like a true urban nightmare!  Stay tuned!

Technically basing them for Crossfire but I tried to give the general impression of an LMG team and a rifle team for Battlegroup games.

Gosh why didn't I think of this earlier?  The Man-packed radio looks so much cooler than sitting on the ground.


  1. Great work, and I'm liking the look of that brick where did I put that brick...:)

    1. Darren,
      Very versatile this stuff. Looks great painted or by itself. Just wait until I finish up this German platoon for Crossfire on their "urban nightmare" bases!

  2. The rubbled bases are pretty slick! I have always day-dreamed about making some for either an Arnhem or Stalingrad theme. Stalingrad would likely win out as the Dutch style townhouses are of uber-limited use when compared to Russian factories, apartment buildings, etc.