Sunday, July 3, 2016

SYW Prussian Project Progress: Infantry Brigade Wolfenbuttel/Hulsen

Many years ago I started a 15mm project centered around my favorite Horse and Musket battle, the Battle of Lobositz.  To that end, I always dreamed of having forces to game the entire battle - in 15mm!  While that may be bridge too far for current circumstances, recreating smaller engagements from the battle are entirely possible with rules like Black Powder or Rank & File.  (or maybe the entire battle with Volley and Bayonet.  That's a thought!  Only 3 stand units in that case)

You can read about the Battle of Lobositz here.

I should be working on Napoleonics, but I had these guys almost finished!!!  (like in college when you ought to be working on calculus, but instead chose to write a history paper because it's more fun).

The Prussian left wing had the tough job of capturing the Lobosch Hill, a large, odd hill formation covered in orchards, stone walls, and infested with Austrian and Hungarian light infantry!  More than likely, these infantry belonged to the Quadt Von Wickeradt Infantry Regiment (IR#9), who were themselves brigaded under Generals Wolfenbuttel and Hulsen.  The other Regiments in the Brigade were Anhalt (IR#3), Braunschweig (IR#5), and Hulsen (IR#21).

Brigade Wolfenbuttel/Hulsen, with Braunschweig and Quadt infantry in front, and Anhalt in the rear.  A 6lb section or battery sits in front, along with Prince Braunschweig/Wulfenbuttle in the center.  (Or Hulsen if you fancy him to be).  Missing is the Hulsen Infantry regiment because they still haven't been painted.
Braunschweig Infantry.

Quadt Infantry Regiment

Ferdinand Duke of Brunswick

Rough looking bunch.

Major-General Henning Alexander von Kahlden on foot!
A couple project-focused rants here - after this it's back to Napoleonics hard but in the meantime, I have my Bolt Action game with Dave coming up mid-July at Historicon!  So I'll need to make sure the boys are ready to go, along with their Panther support!

I'm also thinking of bringing down some Horse and Musket troopers for Dave and I to play Neil Thomas' "1 Hour Wargames" a few times!  (Dave - thoughts?  Napoleonics?  ACW?  SYW?  Your call!)

That's all for now.  Hopefully I can get to painting tomorrow morning as well.


  1. Great work, I too am painting up some Old Glory Prussian SYW, my new project


    1. Thank you sir! Looking forward to seeing your Prussians, Ian!

  2. These guys look really great Steve. You know I'm going to suggest doing the full battle with Volley and Bayonet of course :)

    1. Of course Darren! Luckily there's Volley & Bayonet and I can plop 3 stands down on a sabot and presto instant regiment!

  3. They look fantastic mate - you dont need an excuse to paint them :-)

    Have fun at Historicon!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Alex! Yep they are almost all Old Glory with a few minifigs mixed in (or at least they will be mixed in).