Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spandrel AT-5 Platoon

More wheeled Pact vehicles knocked out.  This is the AT-5 "Spandrel" platoon.  These are 1/100 models from "Butler's Printed Models" of the UK.

You can read about the missile here.  There are also some nice pictures of the system mounted to the BRDM hull. 

This is all part of my wheeled supports going towards my Warsaw Pact forces as they assemble to invade West Germany.  These guys will do double-duty as Soviet or East German as all of my East German and Regular or Cat II Soviet units will be painted in this color.  This ensures their inter-operability on the table and gives me maximum flexibility to the unit I want to field.

 Primed with light green, basecoated with PSC Armor Green, washed with "agrax earthshade,"and drybrushed VJ Khaki!  That's it!  The tires are a mix of acrylic black and "pewter gray."

No decals yet but I'll work on that.

 This team is easily at home playing Sabre Squadron, Rapid Fire Able Archer, Team Yankee, Fistful of TOWS, you name it!

Probably worth noting here that this is about the only weapon I'll have as the East Germans that can kill Leopard IIs so watch out!  (might be the same for Sabre Squadron as well).

The SA-9 Gaskin Platoon is up next!  Stay tuned!

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