Tuesday, May 23, 2017

BRDM-2 Gaggle

Greetings All,
So Phase 3 of "Operation Basement" is ongoing and I have the day off since the contractors are here and I thought I'd knock out some Warsaw Pact vehicles for my Group of Soviet Forces and Central Group of Forces.  I'm working on the BRDM-2, the AT-5, and the SA-9 platoons today.  The BRDMs are done, sans the decals.

These are all 3D Printed Models from "Butler's Printed Models" in the UK.  All have been primed with tan or light green, and have been painted with PSC "Russian Armor Green" spray paint.

Recon platoon
 You can read about this ubiquitous Warsaw Pact vehicle here.

 I've weathered with 2 layers of dry brushing.  First, a mix of khaki/flat earth and then with a light khaki.  I'm happy with them although the drybrushing really brings out the imperfections with the 3D printed models.  Doesn't make too much of a difference since they're all going to get blown up on the table in the first few turns.

Still though, they look pretty cool.

AT-5s in the background are up next for their drybrushing.  

This seems like a long time ago but you might remember I had a difficult time figuring out what colors to paint up my Pact forces.  Well the dilemma has been solved with most of the "regular" line units sporting the PSC Russian Armor Green and my Guards sporting a more drab green.  From a great distance they look similar but close up you can tell the difference.  In the link above you can see the more drab green next to the battlefront tankovy green.

So my catalog of forces and their paint scheme will be:

  • Guards driving T-80/T-64s and BMP-2s will get the dark olive treatment.  Regulars in T-72s, BMP-1s, and BTRs will get the PSC treatment, which will basically cover most of my vehicles.  My recce BMP-1s will most likely be painted camouflage.

  • The East Germans will also get the PSC treatment, although any T-55AM2s will get "Tankovy Green" or camouflage pattern (grey and green).  That being said, I'll only have 7 "proper"       T-55AM2s, the rest will be slick T-55s that I'll happily substitute for the extra armored protection.

That's all for today.  AT-5s and SA-9s coming up in future posts.  Watch this space!  Cannot wait until my basement is finished to get some cold war gaming goodness on the table.  Rapid Fire Able Archer comes to mind, then possibly some Sabre Squadron and/or Team Yankee.  Hoo-ah!


  1. The armaments factories are working overtime. Советская армия сильнейшая!

  2. They look great Steve! I caved last week and bought TY and Leopard. Hope you feel appropriately guilty. Planning to go 6mm, probably with the lovely GHQ miniatures. I'm set then for BG NORTHAG in due course too :-)

    BTW BG Tobruk is superb, and BG Market Garden has been announced for your Fall period in a smaller book like Wacht am Rhine

    1. Thanks Paul - TY is a good, fun game that definitely scratches the Cold War itch. I am seriously looking forward to NORTHAG. Piers' comments seem to make me think that there will be some significant differences between BG as we know it and what the Cold War version will look like (I seem to remember reading something that said it would almost be a new game but can't remember the source).

      Yes! I am on the BG Facebook group and the pictures and write ups from the Tobruk games are outstanding.

      Market Garden is equally tempting! I already have the troops for it as well in 15mm...

    2. PS I cannot help but feel partly responsible. And personally, not that my gaming buds would completely agree, but I feel that FoW and TY are pretty much made for 1/285 scale microarmor.