Sunday, June 4, 2017

MORE Gaming Bunker Updates & The Summer of BATTLEGROUP

If you're a "regular" reader of SOUND OFFICERS CALL, then you're probably getting pretty burned out on these "Basement Bunker" updates.  While it's slow progress, it's progress none-the-less!

Lone BMP-1 scans the horizon for targets.
 The walls are officially "up" down there now and last night I painted (primed, actually) the remaining wood paneling around the ductwork and atop the windows.  The previous paneling was so cheap that we would not have been able to get paint to "stick" so we painted it with a thick white primer to enable the panels to be painted.  The priming was what I did yesterday afternoon and evening.

The floor is being installed on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Expect another update!

Walls up!  You're looking at where the table will go.

Another view of the where the table will be.

The "sitting area" portion.  We will have a TV here and bookcases.  Usual family room setup.
I cannot wait for the floor to be installed but this adds a layer of complexity since I'll have to use drop-cloths when I apply the "real" paint.  The keen observers among you will also notice that not all the ceiling tiles have been replaced completely.  We purchased additional packs of ceiling tiles but I'll have to purchase more track for them.  That seems like a project to complete next or even the following weekend.

Looking into the storage room from where the table will be.  On the right I used to have some shelving mounted to the wall.  At this point I'm still racking my brain trying to figure out what to do now there.  Probably free-standing shelves.

All that work...Primed with 2 coats of stinky, toxic primer, but at least it's ready for the real paint now.  2 x ceiling tiles will go into this void here.
Summer 2017 Objectives:  The Summer of Battlegroup

If you've gotten this far then I applaud your tenacity!  So I did manage to get together with Dave this past Friday and we were daydreaming about wargaming plans for this summer.  I typically like to have a wargaming theme during the summer and for this summer I'm kicking off "The Summer of Battlegroup."

While I'm more of a megalomaniac, Dave is more subtle in his approach.  So I voted for Battlegroup: Kursk and Dave voted for Battlegroup: Barbarossa.  Since any progress that guy makes is good progress, I threw in the towel and went with Barbarossa.

Like me, Dave loves the Gross Deutschland (GD) Division, so we're going to do a build and paint and plan a campaign around the GD's fighting in the summer of 1942 on the Eastern Front during Fall Blau (Operation Braunschweig).

Hopefully this culminates in some great 15mm campaigns on the tabletop in the new gaming bunker!  More to follow as we start to plan this out but I'm already eyeing up some StugIIIB's from Zvezda as well as some more Panzer IIIs, and I guess I'll need to order some Panzer Grey spray paint!

Anyways,that's all for now.  Busy day today and unfortunately none of it revolves around getting any work in the basement done.


  1. The room(or should I call it the 'battlespace') looks great Steve. Love the BMP scanning for targets (make sure it fires a sagger/spandrel as the noise of cannon shells bouncing off armor is annoying hehe ).
    And yes - I sense that you might need a lot of grey and green for the summer offensive :) Look forward to seeing the action.

    1. Thanks Darren. Im doing sime research on "Fall Blau" right now and it looks like great fodder for gaming.

      Cant wait until i can occupy the basement again and build up the hobby area again!

  2. Serious progress made! And looking forward to your Battlegroup reports!

    1. Thanks Brandon. Im looking forward to playing games again. Any game!!

  3. Loving bunker upgrades - looking awesome and if you are after free standing shelf options, I highly recommend Ikea's Billy series which you can affix optional glass fronts (great for keeping the dust off you models and terrain while keeping it battle ready)

    But I'm loving the idea of a Summer of Battlegroup more! A project like that shared with a buddy will build a lot of momentum and fun. I will watch the modelling progress and campaign action with great interest!

    1. Thanks Paul. Ill take a look at the Billy shelves. Yes my buddy Dave and i felt that BG is a great option for us since we both know and love the rules anyways. Watch this space!

  4. Your patience and industry in getting the gaming lair together is admirable.
    Have a look at this small campaign from TFL w features GD at Kursk:

    1. Thanks Padre. Done and done! And all the work is completed for a campaign already.

      Inaugural game should be a battlegroup game!