Saturday, June 17, 2017

Work Proceeding According to Schedule!

Just about there with the Battle Bunker.  Last night, Dave came over to tour the fortifications and the Battle Bunker so far.  He was pleased with the results!

So, 90% of the work has been completed, save for painting the stairwell.  Right now I'm focusing on putting stuff back onto new shelves and organizing my hobby stuff.  As Rommel might say "turning this rabble into something of an Army!"

First view is from the stairwell looking into the sitting area and fireplace.  You can barely make out the gaming table.  For those who remember, I moved the painting desk against the other wall so as to open up room to get around the table.

Besides those hideous mirror tiles above the fireplace, the gaming bunker is almost complete!  We're looking at tile backsplashes for the fireplace now (I wonder if the Wife will let me hang a Brown Bess there????  Should I press my luck?)

The gaming table!  With a Battlefront mat on top.  Unfortunately it is 2" short but overall I'm pleased with it.  I found the extra piece of wood paneling for the ductwork and put it back into position so it will need to be painted so the reader will excuse the unpainted wood paneling in the upper left...
Note the desk in the back corner and nice sitting chair.  Trying to make gaming in the basement a little more comfortable for my guests.

The new Battlefront gaming mat in all its glory.  Also my piles of junk all over the place!

Looking from the storage room into the gaming area.
My wife wanted me to use the gaming table as a sort of dividing line (DMZ?) from the family room to the gaming area so it's been turned 90 degrees.

Storage solutions.  New shelves that house all my gaming stuff.  This is looking into the storage area.
So as you can all see, we're just about ready to start gaming.  With 1 week until summer, I think I'll be ready to kick off "the summer of Battlegroup" close to or even right on schedule.

Caesar and Napoleon back into position!  Caesar is a tourist souvenir from Rome and Napoleon is a tourist souvenir from Paris and both were bought specifically to grace my gaming  room.  Both of them have excellent stories behind them.


  1. Looks fantastic mate.

    I am still negotiating with my wife regarding hanging my Brown Bess above the bookshelves in the gaming room.
    Her first reaction has been, and I quote 'we don't live in Texas'.

    I'm still not sure what she means by this, but I'm reluctant to tell anyone from Texas... :(

    1. THank you Darren, and feel bad. My wife shot me down, too. I do have a officer's foot saber (1851) I wonder if there's a possibility I could hang that up...ahhh who am I kidding!

      I lived in Texas for a little over 3 years while stationed at Fort Hood. Guns are akin to art down there and right at home on the mantle (and I am totally OK with that BTW). My thoughts were to pay homage to 18th Century North America, with a Bess above the fireplace and a powder horn and cartridge box hanging from the buttstock.

      Alas - it was not meant to be!

      Gaming coming up soon. Watch this space.

    2. Yes, look forward to it.

      I'm concerned now though, at how she knows about the Texas wall decoration thing. Either she watches a lot of TV, or she has been to Texas and never told me ;)

      This warrants some investigation :)

  2. "more comfortable for my guests"? Nein! Nein! Nein! Make them less comfortable to put them off their game :-P

    Its looking great there Steve - clearly lots of good times to come in those rooms!

    1. Paul,
      I never win anyways!!!! Thank you sir. Inaugural game is coming soon.

    2. An event worthy of a commemorative dice!

    3. Agreed. Think I'll head on over to Dice of War!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Ken! Hoping to get a game in soon down there!

  4. Wow. Looks really impressive. Many happy days of gaming ahead.