Sunday, April 15, 2018

Weekend Progress: The Prussians Arrive! (and some MERDC tidbits)

No gaming this weekend due to other commitments but I was able to get some hobby work done in the wee hours of the morning and was able to complete the first of the Prussian units for the upcoming Waterloo Commands & Colors Napoleonics game in June.


I'm using the scenario from the Commands & Colors website "Waterloo: All in One" [click] which includes rules for the Prussian reinforcements on turn 10 and 15.  According to the scenario, I'll need 7 Infantry units, 2 Cavalry units, and an Artillery unit.  Right now I've been able to finish 3 infantry units, due in no small part to the reinforcements received from Jack over a year ago.

Truth be told, these guys are RISK pieces!  I painted up one unit, and the rest were touched up from Jack's stuff last year.
"Forward my children!  No Mercy!  No Pity!  I'll shoot the first man I see pity in!"  I painted up the center unit and the cavalry behind them.

pieces from the board game RISK.  Can you believe it?  An entire napoleonic army for less than 10 bucks on ebay if you dont mind painting them.  

Need 4 more infantry units, 1 more command, 1 more cavalry unit and an artillery battery.

The "death's head" hussars.  These guys are leftover GHQ troopers from my Brunswickers.

Part of Jack's old force.  I'll be painting up a unit of these guys for my cavalry.

My napoleonic units are 4 bases each for various rules like Shako, Black Powder, and Commands and Colors Napoleonics.

And not to be outdone, some more progress on the painting front as I got some MERDC on more and more vehicles.  A gaggle of microarmor is finished including carriers for a US Mech platoon, a US Abrams tank platoon, and a mortar section.  These guys will be for Team Yankee and CWC for the World War III Project (no i haven't forgotten!  Hoping to get a game in very soon).

Holy Cow let's talk about painting MERDC on 6mm vehicles....  Here are some M113s all finished.

And here is a US fireteam.  The camouflage is mostly an illusion as I just coated them brown and dabbed khaki and green on them.  The web gear is VJ green grey.  Just need to flock the base and paint the boots and weapon and we're done with them.  A team yankee US mech platoon is 4 fireteams and 3 dragon teams.  too easy.

Here they are next to their carrier.  Should I base the carriers and tanks?  Jury is still out.

PL's track as the TC in the hatch.

Mortar section 2 out of 3 tracks done.

better shot at the tiny camo.  Not bad.  

and finally not to be outdone, the "big boys" (compared to 1/285 anyways) 15mm M1s.  Almost done with the first platoon for Team Yankee.  These are all zvezda M1s which are pretty "meh" but at one point they were the only game in town.

That's all for now.  I hope you all have a great week!  Coming up soon:

News about Historicon and "CROSSFIRE" (yes, it's happening).
More progress in 6mm and 15mm.
Modern BATREP for The World War III Project.


  1. Excellent stuff. 'Raise the Black Flag Children...!'
    ...and that US infantry looks superb for such a small scale. MERDC looks great too.

    1. Thanks Darren it was an experience putting camo on those figs but they look respectable IMHO.

  2. Nice work! I've always wondered about the Risk game armies. Your's look right fine.

    1. John the cavalry ate outstanding and worth buying alone for. That said the artillery is goofy looking but im working on making it look cooler.

  3. Great looking Prussians, impressive work!

  4. Good progress on multiple projects; well done!

  5. I vote for basing the 6mm - I'm basing all of mine, and on pretty solid 2-3mm ones so the minis don't need to be handled at all.

    1. Thanks Alex. I'm still undecided re the vehicles. For instance the PCs would look great based, but the M1s are massive compared to the M113s and I'm frankly not so sure for the M1s.

      Clearly the infantry will need to be based. That would make for some awkward gaming moments I'd imagine!