Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019 Blog Updates & Latest WIP

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers out there!  Thought I'd post a quick update on what's been going on in and around the gaming bunker of late.  My lack of blog posting activity is not necessarily an indicator of lack of activity!

As you all know, the campaign is winding down as we're getting ready to move into the final, apocalyptic turn of the Battle of Ponyri Station, Turn 7 or July 11th.  Things have been moving along and you all know I'm a big fan of the "Firestorm" campaigns for their simplicity and success at generating battles.  I've got some big updates that hopefully you've seen already - including the Duc de Gobins' epic and successful defense of both Kastenwald (Kastenwald Crucible) and Ponyri Station (Ponyri Payback).  Jack will be fighting the 6th Battle of Shirokoye Bulotev soon and I will link to that as soon as he posts!*UPDATE*  Jack's forces have done the impossible yet again as elements of 292nd ID capture Shirokoye Bulotev and you can read the battle report at Jack's blog here.

German hard-fought victories at Berezovetskoye, Kastenwald, and Ponyri Station - the Germans will be set up to attack both 1 May and Hill 253 now, regardless of whether they seize Shirokoye.  Nail biting eastern front action at its finest!

In other hobby news, I've started the concept test for my singly-based Napoleonic units on my 10mm Seven Years War troops I've had literally laying around in their packaging since 2007.  This serves multiple purposes so while I'm preparing to start my Napoleonic troopers en-masse, I'm practicing by preparing my Seven Years War troops for the eventual publication of  the SYW variant of the Commands and Colors: Tricorne game.  This allows me to test out my concept of singly based units without actually delving into my Naps (of which there are many, many troops to paint!).

Austrian Dragoons - the reader will forgive the white trim around their tricorne hats - I just think they pop more on the table with the trim although these fellows had black hats without trim.  

2 x Dragoon Regiments based for grand-tactical games

And the Prussian infantry, the scourge of the SYW battlefield!
Infantry Regiment #3 Anhalt - my favorites!

Both of these colors are from the Anhalt Infantry Regiment, but these are actually 2 separate Regiments based for grand tactical games.

These guys are going to look great when the Tricorne Commands and Colors game comes out!

Also working on my US 15mm World War II Anti Tank Gun troopers but they will be the subject of another post.  Also for everyone's info, I'm starting work back up on my 6mm US Cold War and Soviet forces for Team Yankee, etc.  Perhaps a Fulda Gap firestorm coming up in the near future?

I hope all of my American readers had a great Thanksgiving.  I'm stuffed!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Being on the West Coast, our traditional dinner is still hours away and guests are yet to arrive.

    Single element BMUs is the way to go!

    1. Jonathan - nice! it's easy to forget sometimes that this country spans 4 timezones! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving sir!

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving guys.
    The SYWC&C sounds very interesting.
    Looking forward to Jack's SB#6 too.

    Rumblings of Fulda Gap Firestorm (FGF?) always welcome too.

    1. Thank you, Darren!
      Yes - all NATO troops are to leave their Kasernes immediately and head out to their field positions for an exercise....

      Relations with the USSR at their lowest points since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

      Pact Forces moving out for large scale autumn exercises.....

  3. Steve, your single bases look very nice ... and will work well with hexes :-)

    1. Cheers Norm, that was my thinking as well! (just marking time for any new versions of Eagles at Quatre Bras as well! ;)

  4. Oh dear...this doesn't bode well.
    All I know is that it's cold in my Milan position, my trench is filling up with water, and my feet are wet again...

    Wait - that's a NORTHAG problem LOL

    1. Yes! You won't have to worry about that down in CENTAG! Plenty of high ground to dig in on and there are more trees down this way!

  5. I don't know who was more stuffed - me or the turkey.

    The single bases look good, and have lots of diorama possibilities - little bushes, trees, casualties, etc, that are hard to do on multi-based units. Best of all, they are easy to pick up and move around, reducing figure damage.

    Hmmmm, grid-based 7YW...

    1. Cheers, Alex. There is a fan produced rules set on a blog called "numbers, wargames, and arsing about" which im really keen to try called "simplicity in hexes" and it's made to play the Neil Thomas scenarios in the 1HW book. While im marking time for the SYW Tricorne and assuming i can get enough of these stands done, id like to play simplicity in hexes soon.