Monday, October 14, 2019


Wow an incredible weekend of nail-biting action in our Firestorm PONYRI STATION campaign as the German XXXXI Corps moves ever-closer to Ponyri and its initial Kursk objectives!  I have updated the map below but just to bring you up to speed if you are just coming on board:

  • Germans were repulsed at Shirokoye with loss of the Tiger I Platoon but keeping the Pioneers for future operations. (check out my group's battle report here)
    German Landsers rally behind a hedge, preparing to assault Shirokoye
  • Germans captured both the Bunkerwald and the Birnenwald. (check out Jack's battle report at the Bunkerwald here)
    Soviets put up stiff resistance but are eventually worn down at the Bunkerwald (courtesy of JustJack) - this single mounted Lieutenant could earn "the big one" posthumously.
  • Germans successfully defended Buzuluk (check out the Duc de Gobin's battle report here)
    Germans mount a desperate defense of Buzuluk (courtesy of the Duc de Gobin)
The map follows that shows the status at the beginning of campaign turn 3.  I'd love to have a battle or 3 or 4 every weekend but we'll see depending on the availability of the players.

German XXXXI Corps has sliced right down the middle of the Area of Operations.  Unfortunately without seizing Shirokoye they'll have to attack Ponyri from the west, instead of all 3 objectives from the north for turn 3.
Battle Honors so far in the campaign:

German Pioneers (Firestorm Troops) earn a unit citation  as they seize Buzuluk on early 5 July without firing a shot.

Soviet AT crews and an infantry squad at the heroic defense of Shirokoye Bulotev force 2 x Tiger crews to abandon their vehicles, saving the defense of the village.

Soviet Lieutenant with the 676th Rifle Regiment single-handedly defends a flank of the crumbling Soviet defense line and charges a German squad with his team of runners and walking-wounded.

German Infantry Company at the defense of second Buzuluk isolated, successfully defend the flank against roving Russian armor with virtually no support.


  1. Fantastic stuff!
    Everything is still to play for here.
    Those Tigers are going to be missed though.
    Despite the defence of Buzuluk, there are still plenty of roving T34s...

    1. Dont i know it. Just wait until Ivan gets his pick of reinforcements on turn 4. All the heavy stuff going to be coming out. It will be fun to see the players guess where they want to put their heavy stuff, also based on where they "think" the other guy will commit his.

      Also Ken mentioned playing Rapid Fire next so we will have a RF game coming up soon!

  2. Great summary, and awesome to see how all this has come/is coming together.

    When the Soviet counterattack begins, I've got six T-34s, 2 KV-1s, three Su-122s, 2 T-70s, four Ba-64s, and the three Su-76s you saw in my last fight. Perfect for steamrolling armor-less, or Pz III and Stug-backed Nazis ;)


    1. Jack,
      I know it's super exciting. Hell i do t care if i dont even get to play i just love putting all this together! What you is perfect- the soviets will counter with everything but the kitchen sink and they used KV-1s, big SU-122s, and tons of T34s at both hill 253 and at the 1 May collective. All good man! It's gonna be a helluva ride!

  3. Great stuff and entertaining read.

  4. How did I miss this post??
    Great stuff, fighting on one front from three different countries!

    The German pioneers were reading their Sun Tzu...