Friday, August 7, 2015

DAK Panzer III Ausf G

I have not made much hobby progress these past 2 weeks that's for sure, but occasionally I have something to show.

I've been on a big North Africa kick of late and set about to not only finish off all of the remaining models I purchased for the North African theater of operations, but to also repaint the existing vehicles I currently have.

Last week I posted a newly painted Panzer IV D/E and today I'm throwing my newest Panzer III G out there for everyone to see.  This is a Zvezda model and I have a ton more of Zvezda and PSC Panzer IIIs which go very nicely together I might add.
Shown next to my newly re-based Afrika Korps troops.  I decided not to repaint this batch but will paint the next ones differently.  I still need to finish the bases of the DAK infantry.  They will be the cat's whiskers when they're finished.
 Technique is the same as the Panzer IV.  Prime, basecoat (Testor's Afrika Mustard), detail, wash GW's Nuln Oil, dry brush a comb of GW Desert Yellow and white, decal, and seal.  Tracks are painted VJ's "black brown" which turned out to be the most useful color I could have ever bought!  (Dave F....this is a grudging nod to you sir!)

 Originally I was going to put the 3 number scheme on them, but saw some pretty sharp looking models with the simple, single red numbers on the turrets.  I thought that was the look I was going for.

Next to the Panzer IV and the infantry.  Almost ready for Battlegroup: Tobruk!

The sand on the bases will be painted black and dry-brushed.  Some squads and platoons will have their rocks dry-brushed grey to look like granite, others will have their rocks and sand drybrushed tan to look like sandstone.  In that manner I will differentiate between squads and platoons.
 For the infantry, a tough dilemma.  They will be good enough for games where a stand is a squad or platoon, but in smaller, platoon scale gaming like Bolt Action, DH and the like I run into some problems especially as to the question of LMG teams.  I would prefer to have them based so I will have the least amount of book-keeping to do, and I prefer my LMG teams be separately based from my rifle sections.  Anyways, 1st world problems!

 It's really something how the wash and the dry brush changes the tone of the base-coat of paint.

I left the road-wheel details but I think it looks good without them painted.  I just slathered on more wash and that worked well for my purposes.  

Need more paint today - perhaps a trip to the game store before wife gets home!!!  :)  I have a platoon of DAK troopers I will base individually for skirmish games.  Then I will work on more team-based stands.


  1. Excellent work and looks very DAK. What rules are going to use for the African stuff?

    I think a 'Battle' variant with the tank stick may be worth a try :)

    1. Thank you sir! Still experimenting with different techniques with the brush and paints. I think I'll be using them for various rules, foremost among them being BATTLE :)

      Right now I'm having another basing crisis. My latest thoughts are basing all of my 15mm infantry individually, and using textured/flocked sabots for games set at team/squad/platoon level. That way, when based individually, they can be used for skirmish games such as Chain of Command, FUBAR, Bolt Action, DH, and the like. When placed on the sabots, or with a combination of sabots and single-based troops, they can be used for just about any game where a stand is a squad or platoon like BATTLE, BKC, GHQ, or team based game like Battlegroup: Tobruk, IABSM, Flames of War etc.

      Gosh so many different choices!