Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bolt Action Infantry Force Cost

Today I put together a short infantry list for my eventual, inaugural Bolt Action game with David F.  He is putting together a Canadian infantry force, I am putting together a German one.

 I opted for 3 Veteran infantry squads each with their panzerfaust and a single LMG.  The platoon also has a medium mortar section and a single HMG.  There is 1 x Panther tank rated as "regular" instead of Veteran along for support and "Panzer Meyer" is there as a force headquarters.

So if we're playing the rules from "Tank War" I'll have to throw in another tank or two which will raise my points, and possibly the amount of stuff David can have up considerably.  I may switch from Panthers to Mk IVs to keep my points down!

If we use Tank War, then my infantry will have to be mechanized and I'll have to purchase halftracks as well.

Total point cost is 1173.  I was thinking we could play the "maximum attrition" scenario which looks like alot of fun.

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