Sunday, August 2, 2015

Modern Disposable Heroes Action! The Middle East...

A few days ago I played the first rounds of an American "incursion" into a Middle Eastern state over their nuke program (insert 4 letter country name here).  This awesome scenario has an American air-assault force inserted by helicopter seeking to capture a key village in the vicinity of an important road junction in southern (insert 4 letter country name here).  Can you figure out the bad guys' country?  I will have some clues throughout this post!

By sheerest coincidence, a large enemy force is headed towards the village conducting a reconnaissance in force after word that "the great satan's helicopters " were seen landing in the area.

 The enemy force consists of a regular mechanized squad mounted in an M113 along with 2 T-55 tanks all from the "revolutionary guards", and a sizable contingent of irregular paramilitary forces of the enemy's famed "martyr" brigade.
Movement to Contact!  American forces on the LZ moving out towards the village.

Moving through some irrigated crops

Lead squad in the village takes up overwatch positions

 I used Iron Ivan's "Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy" supplement to go along with "Disposable Heroes."  The Americans rolled "Fire Superiority" against the enemy meaning when shot at by American forces the enemy gets -2 to their morale modifier.  That is pretty safe to say they'll be pinned each time they're shot at but who knows.

Martyr Brigade paramilitary fanatics moving towards the village.

American forces scurrying into the village.  So far all is going according to plan.

Off in the distance, the GIs see the familiar "rooster tails" that an armored force is on the move...They hear the rumbling and squeaking of armored vehicles and their stomachs turn.

Martyr Brigade fanatics advance!  2 T-55s from the Revolutionary Guards are moving down the road.  They have no idea what to expect in the town.  

My Roskopf Soviet T-55 doubling as an enemy AFV.  The one behind him is my latest Cold War vehicle to roll off the assembly line.  

The battlefield!

"Hey Sarge, this place reminds of southern Iraq."  "Just keep moving, soldier.  We're not here to sight-see"

another US squad reaches the village.
 Americans have the first turn as they won the initiative roll.  THe American platoon leader's "Guts" score is 10.  Meaning his command radius is 10, and he can activate up to 10 units per turn.  units outside his command radius take additional activation points.  Hence this team above with 2 markers.  How do you like my snazzy Iron Ivan Litko "Disposable Heroes" markers?!?

end of the US first turn.  1 squad on overwatch in the bottom right of the picture along with the VERY important JAVELIN launcher.  Another squad moves up to take up firing positions.  

last US squad, bottom of the picture, hurries into cover to watch the left flank

US fireteam crossing the road

US Platoon Leader.  

Overwatch team.  Sir!  i see movement from the north!

Next up the first enemy turn.  This is my first game of Disposable Heroes in a long time and I am immensely enjoying it using my 15mm troopers.  The switch to 15s turned out to be a very good decision.   Stay tuned!


  1. Love the lighting in those pics. It's near sunset...and it looks great.

    I think that 4-letter-country also has Chieftains and F14s - an excuse to use all the mothballed kit in the collection:)

    I have a copy of DH - and kind of knew there was a modern variant, thoughI must pursue this, because it looks very interesting. I seem to remember reading through DH and thinking - yes - perfect way to do things and no b.s. - then, like so many projects it fell off the priority list.

    Thanks for the 'Battle' stuff you sent me. I've downloaded more from the group. As you said, the M&M turn sequence is perfect for this stuff. It's all so experimental with Charles Grant's stuff, and I love that aspect...and I am very keen to use the tank stick soon. I am attempting to make one today.

    Also - your scenario reminded me of the old Rapid Fire scenario - the 'Retreat from Vilnius' in that there is a MODERN variant for it, set in the 4-letter-country, with US peacekeepers rescuing UK peacekeepers as they are surrounded in a town at the end of the table.

    I have it somewhere, and will email.

    1. The lighting was absolutely perfect and I ran up to get the camera for some pictures. You are quite correct with the country!

      DH is fun. It uses D10s so not my "go to" game but it still offers a good time. I have all the WW2 supplements for it and need to play it sometime. I liked all of the Iron Ivan rules I've played. They have a skirmish game set in the French & Indian War (Seven Years War :) ) called "This Very Ground" which I want to use with individually based Napoleonic miniatures in a Sharpe-esque kind of game.

      What I will say about DH is - it's "solid" there aren't ambiguities that you are left to figure out.

      I think the M&M sequence lends itself perfectly to a newer version of Battle and I'm going to try a 15mm Mid-War eastern front game sometime soon. Maybe a German infantry company advancing against dug-in Soviets like my Crossfire playtest a month or 2 ago. Of course with tanks in support!

      Stay tuned to see how the Americans fare in this "4 letter country" against waves of enemy fanatics with tanks!

      I'll keep my eyes posted for that scenario - sounds like fun!

  2. Great looking stuff! And I've used DH and its supplements for modern African wars, too!

    1. Chuck,
      DH is pretty versatile. This game I had brought out all the toys including tanks, javelins, etc so I'm constantly having to flip through the rule books and supplements but usually I can find the answer to what I'm looking for pretty quick.

  3. Excellent start here Steven. Some lovely shots in this part. More please.