Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Gaming Table Final, AWI Progress, and Future Project Preview

Not much on the hobby front as i'm under the weather today but I thought I'd post the "sort of" final pictures for the gaming table project.

I will probably fix a few things but the table posts are done now.  Very happy with how the table turned out.

So I was able to get a little forward movement with my AWI troops.  Most of my foot officers are done now to include their basing (all but 1 guy...) and I've got some artillery finished as well.  The individually based officers will do double-duty in skirmish gaming as well, and I just base coated some Continental troops for skirmish warfare along the frontier.  For units, I still have a loyalist infantry unit to complete, British Cavalry, more lights, and some Continental lights.

British mounted officer

Seth Warner

Mounted Continental officer.

Continental foot officer

Yeah.  "This guy" there's one in every formation.  He was "hanging out" somewhere and didn't hear everyone else falling in...  Anyways I discovered him so his basing is still in progress...  But his paintjob rocks.
For CC Tricorne (and for other horse and musket AWI games for that matter) since I'll be playing at 15mm I thought 2 x gun batteries would look best so I made a pair of each RA and Continental Artillery.  These guys were painted but the paint job was horrid.  So I updated them.  The gunners look pretty good but the guns just turned out lousy.  Going to touch them up.
Threw an officer down getting ready to give the order to fire.

Royal artillery.

Continental artillery

2 guns will look absolutely smashing in a hex.

So that's it except for some CROSSFIRE activity.  What?  You thought Crossfire was done here?  Hardly.  I made some markers for squads so I don't lose track of stuff.  Also made some chits for "Mac's Missions" so you can pull your mission random mission from a bag. 

light glare washed out the picture.  Mission orders are HOLD, PROBE, WITHDRAW, BREAKTHROUGH, DIG IN, and ADVANCE.  
I also broke out my 15mm Soviets and painted the ground cover on the remaining 2 platoons.  I had enough leftover stands to form an SMG "Assault Platoon" and almost every infantry platoon will get an attached AT Gun, HMG, mortar, and has their own leadership team.  Perfect for Battlegroup, Crossfire, whatever.

Once I complete flocking the Soviet platoons, it'll be onto the Germans.  Have to paint and flock their bases as well and standardize my German companies for Battlegroup and CROSSFIRE. 

Future Projects Preview
This year I plan on having some fun with specialist and "elite" units to include more Soviet Scouts, German Assault Engineers, SS/Veterans, Oberfeldwebel Schmidt's Veteran CROSSFIRE platoon from Stalingrad, and Soviet Naval Troops for Stalingrad gaming.  That Rattenkrieg game at Fall-In really did a number on me!  If I can get all of these done, it'll be onto the Western Front to work on my British and Americans.

For terrain, I've begun decorating the bases for my trees (will do a whole separate post on that), and am standardizing ground cover with my table.  Going to be a busy year!


  1. Nice conclusion to the table project, which will only get better as you integrate your other terrain into it.

  2. Love the AWI period for the beautiful uniforms, and you did a great job on them, well done!

  3. Hey I've always dismissed Mac's Missions. Are you a fan? Maybe I need to try it!

    1. I like macs missions for end of week gaming when I don't want to do too much thought up front. Macs missions gives me a plausible scenario to fight out. If both players get a defensive mission then you have to do some patrolling actions to rack up points but otherwise it's a plausible scenario it gives you.

  4. Looking forward to seeing some AWI action and the table looks great.

    I see Seth...where are those Green Moun'in boys...

    1. Cheers Darren,
      They're all at the Tavern causing trouble, intimidating Loyalists, and 'Yorkers alike.
      In all seriousness I have those boys finished. Maybe I'll put a post up of them with Seth Warner! They're the centerpiece of my Hubbardton Project.

  5. Looking great Steve. In the meantime we are finishing off our BG Barbarossa campaign (which is great fun) and getting our desert forces ready for BG Torch!

    1. Thanks Paul! I've been following your Ostrog Campaign. I have been enjoying the reports to higher headquarters very much. I might have to steal that idea from you! When all this AWI business is done and I make some headway with what's on the table now, I'd like to start my British for some Tobruk gaming soon.