Sunday, January 7, 2018

WIP: Gaming Table Proof of Concept & AWI Project Status

Not much time for gaming this weekend but I did have some time to throw some paint down on the table and test out my proof of concept for my gaming table. 

You may recall last year [click], I took a page out of "Steven's Balagan" table [click] and attempted to redo my table in an attempt to get the "parched" look of his table.  I wasn't completely successful with the European ground, instead getting a sun baked North African look (in all fairness I missed a step, methinks). 

So this year I played around with a similar color and dry brushing scheme and took them to Home Depot (a DIY Store in the US) in order to get a more believable "parched" European ground look mixed into 2 x quarts of paints which I experimented with on my Russian Scouts.

I used Tamiya Flat Eart XF-52 mixed with regular brown (50/50) as a base, then dry-brushed a lightened mixture of Tamiya Flat Earth, Vallejo Dark Sand, and White. This got me a softer look that would look good dry brushed to the top of the ground, while keeping the recesses and undulations darker brown.  Almost how it would look 2 days after a rain, with the softer, wetter dirt still drying out.

Below are some pictures of the project idea so far.  Lighting in my basement doesn't completely allow for you to soak in all the glorious textured details, but take my word for it, I found the combination I've been looking for.

The lighting makes the color washed out in the photograph, but you can make out the nice, texture of the surface.  It matches the scout basing almost completely (pictured here)
 I made sure to include the old surface from last year so you can see the kick-ass desert look I'll have on the underside of the board. 

Small patch to the left is the basic tamiya flat earth, drybrushed with the lighter mixture.  It doens't have the 50/50 dark brown mixed into it.  
Wife came down and also marveled at the look so to me that's a green light to redo the table.  It's a good weekend project and the dry brushing is going to take a loooong time to do it right.

Close up.

I wish I had time this weekend to paint the whole surface, but it was much better to experiment with this scheme first, because going straight out of the can with the flat earth would be too bright.

In other news, I am very happy to report the AWI project is off to a roaring start.  This weekend, I was able to get all of my painted AWI units based the same way (7 infantry units per side of 6 stands each)  This might sound like no big deal, but my basing has gone through various evolutions since 2004 and this represents the final step for these battle-hardened troopers, who frankly are probably tired of being rebased again and again.

All of the painted AWI units just waiting on their flock
So when I opened my container of AWI "stuff" I was shocked to realize that this project is almost done!  That means I'll have every AWI trooper I own painted.  To some this might not be a big deal, but to me this is huge (and it means I can buy more!).  Below is a picture of "what's left" and I have some pretty cool ideas as to what I'll do with them.

What's left.  A cluster of soon-to-be officer stands on the left, individually based skirmisher stands for "This Very Ground" or any other Black Powder skirmish game and some badly painted leftover volunteers on the right.  Also a pile of Indians and loyalist infantry to paint up, including my Great Great Great Great Great [etc] grandfather's nephew (what does that make us?) unit of New Jersey loyalist infantry.
 Not a huge leap to get all of these troops painted this year.  Also planning some Commands & Colors TRICORNE, Black Powder games, "Guns of Liberty" throwback games, and AWI/FIW skirmish games in 15mm.  All around AWI goodness!

What's this?  An empty tray?  Note the tents in there.  I am going to model a sweet HQs or camp with those.  There's also an oxen train in there as well.
AWI Artillery and more officers getting the re-basing treatment.  Note the older, crappier bases on the right.
And finally my Russian support and command stands getting the basing treatment.

once flocked, they'll be battle ready

That is all for now.  If I'm feeling motivated, I'll slap some paint on the table this week after work in the hopes that I can dry brush next weekend.  I want to test some flock concepts as well before actually adding any to the table.  Stay tuned!


  1. Steve,

    Cool man, I wish I had your patience and discipline to do something like your terrain table. The problem is, I spend a bunch of money, sit down, get a third of the way through, then get fed up and move on to something else... The AWI stuff is looking good too.


    1. Hey Jack yeah im like you but i get about 99 percent through the project then get fed up and sick of it and spend more $$$ and time. It's a vicious cycle.

  2. Looks great on both counts mate!

  3. Wilco.
    Just completed turn 3/day 1 of the BG: Barbarossa campaign. Awesome!

  4. Looking good! I've been toying with the idea of a table / mat that match basing for a while, looks like you're on the way.

    I'm sure you'll get it all done if you have a game goal - so you have to commit to some sort of a battle by a certain date involving your entire AWI armies [hint-hint].