Sunday, January 14, 2018

WIP: Gaming Table Progress

Progress on the table-front as I was able to (with some help) slap some paint down onto the surface.  Surprisingly I was also able to dry-brush the table and begin the flocking process.  I practiced the concept on 2 scratch-built hills as well.  My daughter basecoated the hills for me and some of the table.  She had a blast completely trashing her clothes and practically immersing her hands in brown paint before I had the common sense to put some latex gloves to put on her. 

Today's post is really to highlight some of the progress, and also some of the difficulties I've had so far.

 The entire table took about an hour to cover completely.  I was extremely careful not to splotch and goop it everywhere like last time so as not to get any "friendly fire" on the floor or walls.

Table drying.  The paint is a mixture of a DIY Store "Tamiya Flat Earth" brew and a regular, run of the mill brown.  (50/50).  I have lots leftover and this is my standard color for basing troops now!  I am super happy with that look.

Dry brushing begins!  I am really digging the "parched" look.  This is exactly the look I was originally going for last year.
 So one problem I ran into was the areas previously covered with flock on the table dried with a completely different texture (duh) and they didn't take to dry brushing very well.  Last year, I sealed everything with PVA glue prior to painting and this year I didn't do that on account of that I was in a hurry and I have a limited amount of time to do this.  Just goes to show you - speed kills.

My course of action to deal with this was to apply the flock, more or less, to the same places it had been, but in patches as opposed to large covered areas, so the brown shows through.  It almost looks like trails or water runoff areas. 

I definitely got the look I was going for. [click]

The lighting washed out the texture and the detail and unfortunately makes it brighter looking than it is.

the hill turned out very nicely as well.  It's flocked now.  I like how closely the texture on my stands matches the table surface.

Note the large darker areas.  These are where the flock used to be.  I'm having to compensate for that now.

Some of the cool transitions and texturing I have now on the table.

So I'm onto something here.  I flocked the table and then applied some more highlighting with my drybrush color to work on the transition between the parched, baked earth and the green flocked areas.  It's not bad.  I'm not completely happy with it, but then my wife reminded me I probably never will be.  I'll try and throw up a post that shows how it looks with the flock.

The hills look awesome.  I could sell these and make some money off of them.  I'm half tempted to redo all of my Warzone hills to match this texture/flock combination.  More to follow! 


  1. Great work there - looks like a fantastic job. Good terrain tips too :)

    (I used to recruit my youngest daughter to do 'artsy' rivers and things - though she is too old to be bothered now...far more concerned with teenage stuff and Harry Potter (strangely). The moral of the story is, use their artistic services while they're young :) )

    1. Thanks Darren i feel like i have about another year or two before she wants nothing to do with me so im taking full advantage of her enthusiasm!