Sunday, July 12, 2015

Battlegroup: REFORFER Panzer Grenadier Division Battlegroup (Marder 1A2)

Greetings All,
  I've been working on some OOBs for my home-brewed Battlegroup: REFORGER modern supplement to the increasingly popular Battlegroup rules.

Also: These have been made as a stop-gap only until Ironfist and the boys at Battlegroup formally publish Battlegroup: NORTHAG.  Which may not be for awhile so I'm going to keep working on these because I love Battlegroup and I think it's perfect for modern 20th and post 20th century warfare!  (So please don't sue me).

First up is a West German Panzer Grenadier Division Platoon-sized Battlegroup, equipped with Marder 1A2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles.  These can form the core of any West German force set in this fictitious WWIII setting.

The Heer Infantry Platoon has 2 squads both riding in Marder IFV along with a command squad also riding in their own Marder.  Support options include a dismountable MILAN ATGM section, an MMG, Medic and mortar.  (I'm not sure about that and was tempted to make the mortar support off-table.)  Also, your squads have organic light PzF 44 anti tank weapons but can upgrade to the heavier Carl Gustav for an additional 5 points per section.

You also have the option to just field 1 squad of Panzer Grenadiers just like in the Battlegroup family of rules. 

I'm ironing out some things still with the MTOE (modified table of organization and equipment) as well as the engagement system but so far, so good. 
For the engagement system vehicles with "advanced fire control" receive a +1 To Hit.  Stabilized units do not pay the -1 penalty for moving when firing.  I wasn't sure if the advanced fire control rule was necessarily fair.  Thoughts?

Up next?  Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon & Squad, Soviet Tank Company Platoon & Squad, and eventually US Armor and Mechanized Infantry formations!  HOO-ahh!


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    1. Thanks, Paul! I wanted it to look authentic! Now it looks a little more like the Battlegroup stuff. I will try and post the actual stats tomorrow along with the Soviets. Watch this space!

  2. Excellent work Steven. Spot on I think, though the PzF 44 could be replaced by the Panzerfaust 3 from around 1993 for Regular Infantry formations if you want to be anal :)

    But I could be wrong. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks Paul! Appreciate the assist :)

      How about 1984 through 1986? The material I was looking at suggested that there was only 1 Carl Gustav in a platoon and the line infantry platoons didn't have multiple ATGM sections until after 1989. Does that make sense?

      Also I was surprised at only 2 line squads? For some reason I always thought it was 3 line squads.

    2. Usually one AT in the Pl HQ Squad (Remember I think the CG was used more for illumination than AT at the time), and each inf squad in the Pl would have had a PzF44 or Milan depending on its 'status' or location in FRG.

      By the late 1980s the Milan strength of many Panzer-Grenadier companies was increased, but the manpower strength was decreased, hence the 2 line squads per 'train'.

      I guess some countries when under strength, lower the subunits per org, whether s other countries just keep the TOE at a lower personnel strength,

      I also think during the early to mid 1980's build ups more units were fielded but the strength or vehicles could not keep them up to full TOE. Most conscript armies have this problem with a constant strain of troops entering and leaving the service, and the added pressure of trying to maintain relatively hi-tech items for the field, such as the Marder/Gerpard.

      Given the fact that the PzGr units are also maneuver assets, I would think that they would have been happy with more understrength units, rather than fewer full strength ones. Just a thought mind.

      Also its quite common in Commonwealth countries to have only 2 active Pl per Coy, with the missing Pl to be brought into the Coy during wartime made up from reservists or other units.

      Some good looking info being sent to your email addy.

    3. Great points, Paul. Rather have more shooting platoons understrength. Makes perfect sense to me.

      Wow thanks for sending that stuff! It will be of tremendous value for me putting all this stuff together!

      I will definitely need your advice when I put the BAOR stuff together next- Watch this space!

  3. Great work Steven!Look forward to have a look to the Reds OOB

    1. Ciao Marco!
      You will not have long to wait. APC Motor Rifle Platoon and Squad as well as Tank Company and Platoon coming out tomorrow.

      I still have to go the "Guards" forces though. (T-80 and BMP-2). My regular forces have T-72 and BTRs.

    2. Should be relatively simple to have the 'Guards' equipment as an available upgrade. Should b all or nothing though. Similarly, you might consider a Category C division downgrade option (T55s etc) at cheaper points.

    3. I like that alot, Paul. Less points on worse tanks or less reliable infantry. Also better points for Guards troops.

    4. Reduces the amount of lists you have to write up too, as least on the Warsaw Pact side.

      You might also want to impose greater restrictions for Cat C divisions, such as not able to take certain high calibre artillery support which is not available to such reserve units and allocated instead to premier units like 3rd Shock Army and 2nd Guards Tank Army etc. Cat C units get older, obsolete gun support only (though still deadly if it lands on your position)

      Naval Infantry are a favourite of mine though ;-D

    5. Yep. The Cat C divisions would not have had access to the Front and Army level "sexy" support, especially with the Soviet's intended plan for "operational surprise" which postulates that those Cat C units are still in eastern East Germany and Poland as the war kicks off (Thank you, NATO: The Next War in Europe from Victory Games!)

      Ahhh Naval Infantry! I just finished a sweet PT-76 :) I was going to do the VDV boys first but I think some Naval infantry are in order :)

  4. This looks excellent Steve.

    I have been away for two days - so haven't had a chance to email you the German scans from the TO&E that I mentioned, but I'll get those to you today. Not sure it'll change much though, your organisation seems about right.