Sunday, July 26, 2015

Waffen SS Squad in 15mm

Well I think I finally have this SS camo stuff licked.  The primary ingredient missing were proper colors, which I bought from Vallejo.  (SS Paint Set).  The light green and dark green really did the trick, finally.  They didn't even take as long as before when I would mix my own colors.

My biggest problem following the FoW "pea dot" instructions were it looked like New Jersey Mall Leopard print!  So I used the "plane tree" style and the colors worked much better this time.  There are still dots, but much greener colors.

 Base was GW's "Death World Forest" which I really like better than the Vallejo bases that are recommended.  If making this camo is all about tricking the eyes, it shows off the parts I want to show off much better.

Dark Camo Green splotches with the bright green dots.  The black dots go over the olive green splotches.

The weapons section was painted a little differently.  I just simply used bright green dots and dark green dots for the most part.
 Paul F if you're reading this - I used a toothpick for the dots and it worked brilliantly.

Just haven't painted the bread bags yet

older style I tried.  

pictures on the woodpile a little better if you don't mind the bird poop!


  1. Excellent job! I've only attempted the oak leaf pattern in 28mm thus far but you've pulled it off beautifully. I've always wanted to give pea dot a go but like you, am hesitant that it will look too busy

    Great looking figs Steve! Now mix in some with the Autumn colours for a bit of variety (it was reversible with green one side, brown the other)

    1. Thanks, Paul! I'm going to give the autumn colors a shot too. I still have a ton of these guys to finish. This batch needs a few more details. For 15mm I'm totally okay with these guys!

      I tried a few pea dot in 15mm using the Flames of War guide and they just turned out wrong. It looked like Leopard print stuff as opposed to pea dot camo! The plane tree is the most "forgiving" you can make as the mistakes aren't as obvious.

      The Vallejo set has all the stuff I need for autumn too.

  2. They look simply grand! I remember a young man once tell me that he was fine without paint products such a Vallejo's. I'm glad to see you expanding your list of sundries, and with great results too!

    I'm highly interested in having a go at Jerry from the other side of the gaming table. I'll keep plugging away on my Canadian forces and we shall let destiny and the dice rule who comes out on top! :-)

    1. I can't imagine who that "young man" is :)
      Thank you David! I'm pleased with them for being 15mm tall! I had to use the VJ colors for this round - I just couldn't continue to mix the appropriate colors and get a decent result. (well, I guess I have, but mixing was terribly inefficient and looked wrong with multiple soldiers looking different from each other).

      Looking forward to that game! Here is something to get you started with the lists:

      Although they don't have Brits or Commonwealth on here yet, it gives you a somewhat good idea for point values :)

      I am very much looking forward to that game, regardless of the outcome!

  3. These look really, really good. Great paint job.

    Brilliant effects with the lighting too. I may try some games outside...oh wait, it's always raining here..DOH

    1. Thank you sir! I dont know, I think I prefer overcast skies for photographing miniatures outside - the lighting is more even! Now rain is another story altogether...

      By the way, LOVED the 5 Core write up you did. I have been meaning to try them soon.