Friday, July 17, 2015

T-54/55 Main Battle Tank!

How best to honor this work horse of the opposing forces (OPFOR) than to show off one newly painted, decaled, sealed and ready for front-line service!

Here, in all it's glory is a completed Roskopf 1/100 model T-54 which will obviously also do double and triple duty as a T-55 and possibly even a T-62 during upcoming games of BATTLEGROUP: REFORGER and eventually BATTLEGROUP: NORTHAG.

Same process as the PT-76.  Primed, sprayed tan, blue tac, sprayed green, remove blue tac, tracks painted, washed with GW "Nuln Oil", dry-brushed, decaled, sealed, and ready for action!  Took a few days to do everything so that tells me I really need to get faster with this process.  There are 5 more like this guy waiting for their treatment - and a whole ton of APCs and specialist vehicles after that!

Subsequent models will have a ditch-bar and some may have fuel barrels on the back or even aerials.  I haven't decided yet but the good people at Roskopf even included a mount for the radio aerial.

The T-54/55 was one of the most widely produced tanks in the world and you can read the fascinating history behind this cold war legend here.

Aside from working in really any country of the Warsaw Pact that I want, I can double this guy as a Chinese tank, or even Syrian or Egyptian for some games set in the Far East or Middle East.

next to last week's PT-76!

On the advance!

Moving down the tank trail

looks cool outside

love this dusty picture from field exercises!

radio aerial mount clearly visble

Hull down!

engaging hostile targets!  T-55 breaks from cover and advances!

Up next- more T-55s?  Possible the new BTRs?  Who knows?  And just when am I going to start the important work on those Mi-24 Hinds anyways?  Because they're sorely needed at the front!


  1. Nice! I remember those Roskopf models at the old Bloch's Hobby Shop in Allentown. Never could figure out what half of them were. I'm glad they're being useful to you.

    1. John,
      I I bought a ton of them from Fidelis Models last summer - used. THey are terrific. Detailed enough for wargaming and easy to paint! I couldn't be happier with their modern ones.

      Getting the WW2 ones is a whole other story!

  2. Excellent! I like posing my newly painted models in the wild of my 1:1 scale foliage as well.
    I figure that if it looks good there its realistic enough for my games table!

    1. Paul,
      I tried this with some WW2 German armor a couple months ago and it worked out brilliantly. Something about the light outside that really makes the models pop.