Monday, July 13, 2015

Battlegroup: REFORFER Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon & Squad (BTR-70) & Equipment Lists

As promised the next installment - this time for your evil OPFOR forces.  This is a Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon & Squad configuration, broken down for Battlegroup and able to be adopted for your Battlegroup: REFORGER games in your battles against CENTAG!

The one thing that concerns me is the breakpoints are a little low in my opinion for modern Soviets.  These are similar to World War II platoons so I'm wondering if the breakpoint should be a little higher?  Or is a low breakpoint a cost of doing business with a totalitarian force?  Thoughts?

And now for some equipment!

Can't forget Ivan!

Sorry for the inconsistent shots.  I'm throwing this stuff out there using screen-snips because I haven't formally saved anything yet.  I will post the gun-ATGM tables tomorrow, and possibly the American info as well.


  1. I love what you are doing here - very nice Steve!

    Had you considered having a SA-7 team as a Platoon support option?
    What about cross attachments of a tank Platoon at the Company level?
    I don't think T80s were used for this, but T-72s certainly were at this time

    1. Paul,
      Awesome! This is exactly what I needed! The SA-7 was certainly available as a support option. (I think I have in the BTR notes about trading out troops for 2 x Igla MANPADS or AGS 17s but that's for a modern Russian unit)

      I hadn't thought about cross-attachments at this level. I love it! It will be added this evening to the latest version. I have to write better support options in there for the Soviets and for the West Germans.

      Especially artillery and high level support.

    2. You could get fancy and consider a tank platoon as a support option but ONLY if a full MR company is taken (and vice versa). The doctrinally rigid WARPACT forces wouldn't penny packet out individual tanks to platoons, but if playing at the higher level this would work nicely.

      Isn't summer fun for putting around pondering such good things? :-)

      Don't Motor Rifle troops also field moralist at the platoon level? Ivan loved/loves his mortars! Sorry I can't be more detailed in my suggestions, but all my reference material is 10,000 miles away in storage.

  2. It's great Steve. Did you come up with any special rules for ATGM's or will they be treated as just another gun?

    1. Thanks Ken - when we played last I think we gave MBTs a special save against ATGM based on their armor (ERA or Chobham, etc). I think we talked about coming up with a "dodge" action or something like that against an incomin ATGM.

      But I didn't do anything sophisticated like time of flight or anything like that.

    2. It would be interesting to make it a die roll (or opposed die roll perhaps) with the firing player getting bonuses for better guidance types (and a penalty if its under fire that turn), and the tank getting a save with bonus for advanced armour types. Then its a single process for the whole lot, plus a nice tie in for combined arms action to neutralise ATGW threats.

    3. Third Generation Warfare has an interesting way of handling ATGMs. The target has to detect the launch and can then make a save against it. I wonder if they're merit in that for BG.
      Personally I like just automatically detecting the ATGM and then using an ERA or Chobham save against it.
      The opposed roll idea is neat. The nerves of the gunner against the nerves of the target crew.

    4. I have a fondness for opposed rolls, because it keeps both players involved. I hate it when you watch your opponent throw lots of dice and kill your stuff without being part of it. At least when you roll a 1 you know who to blame :-)