Tuesday, July 14, 2015

PT-76 Light Amphibious Tank (ПТ-76 Плавающий Танк, Plavayushchiy Tank)

It seems that playing that first game of 3rd Generation Warfare with Ken a couple weeks ago was just what I needed to spark renewed interest in painting.

So with that in mind, I thought I'd unveil the first of my re-painted Warsaw Pact forces.  The first one off the assembly line and into the field is this PT-76 Amphibious Tank from Roskopf weighing in at about 1/100 scale.  This vehicle was part of my huge purchase from Fidelis Models last summer and worth every penny!

PT-76 on the parade ground...but you don't want to see pictures on the parade ground!

Crossing the border at H-Hour!  This PT-76 looks for NATO's forward defenses!
 I used the method from the Battlegroup: Kursk book to paint this one up.  Basecoated with its camouflage colors then detailed to include tracks and weathering.  Washed with GW black ink, then lightly drybrushed a light olive.  Applied the decals and sealed.  Presto!  I am very happy with how he turned out.

I really like the Roskopf models.  In many cases, the perfect amount of detail!
 In absence of a good BRM or other tracked recce vehicle, I will use this PT 76 until something better comes along.  The BRDMs go up quick...
The wash and dry brush brought out the perfect amount of detail.

hull-down!  Scanning for targets.

Dismount section!  Actually Khurasan Syrians but you get the idea.

I was surprised to find out that as of 2006, this vehicle is still in limited use by the Russian marines.  It has some interesting transmission and armament upgrades but otherwise he's still out there!  Working on my first newly painted T-55 (and sometimes T-62 depending on the game I'll be playing) and that will be next.
You can read more about the PT-76 here.


  1. This looks excellent.
    (There's a certain Vietnam scenario which it fits beautifully too ;) )

    1. Thank you sir! I was thinking that as well - regarding using it down the road for some Vietnam scenarios!

  2. Great job Steve, it looks just the business!

  3. Beautiful vehicle! A well painted army is always a pleasure to view both on and off the gaming table. I hope to be digging through those REFORGER rules this weekend. :-)

    1. Thank you David! The pics don't do it justice. I'm working on a T-55 now - I have a whole shed load of them!!!

  4. Lovely looking deathtrap Steven. Keep up this method mate.

    1. Thanks Paul - I've seen the light in terms of washes and dry brushing. Hopefully I can keep things consistent!

      T-55 up next - watch this space!

      PS funny you say "deathtrap" because the last few times I used this thing, a 20mm from a Luchs or Marder tore right through it like a hot knife through butter!