Thursday, July 2, 2015

Gettysburg Day 1: McPherson Ridge SETUP

I figured since tomorrow is the anniversary of Pickett's Charge and Gettysburg was fought 152 years ago today (an obscure  college professor from Maine fixed bayonets and charged down a hill and into history on this day), I would play an ACW engagement from one of my absolute favorite battles of all time: McPherson Ridge.  For those of you who don't know, I won't spoil the surprise but you can google and read all about this tense and nerve wracking battle from Gettysburg's first day.

This battle will be played with Black Powder rules and then I'm thinking I'll try something different and play it with my collaborative creation "Muskets & Mayhem" and see if it turns out any differently.

The scenario will start with the withdrawal of Gamble's Cavalry brigade which was screening the arrival of the Union 1st Corps under Reynolds - but the Confederate forces don't know 1st Corps is arriving yet.  Elements of Meredith's "Iron Brigade" have deployed in McPherson's woods along the ridgeline and some elite units under Colonel Cutler are deploying to cover an unfinished railroad cut leading into the town - their ultimate goal however is to deny the Rebel forces access to Seminary Ridge and the higher ground to the southeast.

The stage is set!

Looking north.  McPherson ridge is along the right - the "Lutheran Theological Seminary" is also on the right.  The book, Hugh Bicheno's excellent "Gettysburg" is a must-have for any ACW history buff or gamer.  Especially if you're an ACW gamer.  The maps in this book are invaluable.  This book has been to Gettysburg for every terrain walk I have done, not to mention having been all around the USA, and in a number of foreign countries as well :) 

Looking along the Chambersburg Pike.  Meredith's men are positioned behind the woods.  Cutler's men are moving up the road on the right.  Calef's Battery of 3" guns is about the withdraw to be replaced by Hall's Battery.

Archer's Brigade.  Flush from their "victory" of pushing Gamble's Cavalry troopers back, advanced on the wooded ridgeline to their front, not knowing the best Union Infantry Brigade of the entire Army of the Potomac is behind them.

Archer's Battle line.  Davis' is on the other side of the pike 

Davis' Brigade deploys for action!

Cutler's men move into position.

Calef's Guns!

Meredith surveying his troopers moving into position.

Cutler's Brigade prepares for action!

Buford himself.  This figure will have to suffice for a myriad of general officers for this battle!


  1. Looks good, and the theme is good, I like these battle Arrangements

    1. MM,
      We will see what happens. Cutler's position vrs Davis' Brigade needs to be modified a little in regards to the timeline but otherwise I'm happy with the setup!

  2. A pleasing looking table mate. Will the South rise again?

    1. Thanks, Paul - I haven't gotten a chance to play yet - we will see what happens!