Thursday, November 3, 2011

Small Warmaster Game

Played my first game of "Warmaster on the Cheap" today with my 20mm Caesar, Zvezda, and Orion troops today.  An incursion of Black Orcs into Empire territory sees the Garrison under Lord Rattenkrieg sent out from "Dachsland" to defeat the Orc horde...

Lord Rattenkrieg's Troops advance to meet the greenskin menace

The mighty Orc host advances!

Empire Handgunners

Orcs move out!

Empire command blunder...Charging right into an Orc mob.  Note the plethora of hits against the Halberdiers 

The handgunners cooly load under a barrage of Orc arrows

The final Orc charge

axes, swords, clubs, and halberds fly as the melee ensues!

Brutal Combat!

brave deeds

The orcs gain the upper hand
Final dispositions - 2 Empire Regiments evaporate as the Orcs break through on the Empire right!  Lord Rattenkrieg reportedly died on the field - the men of the Dachsland garrison were slaughtered en masse!  Rumors of an impending Orc invasion turned out to be true.  This small engagement would pale in comparison to what lie ahead..


  1. Nice little batrep, love the empire troops!

  2. Thanks Ray,
    I painted them up a few years ago and sadly never got to game with them until now. It was my "Warmaster On the Cheap" Project and I think they turned out OK - the Orcs could benefit from some attention however. I still have seige engines, goblin regiments, Empire Cavalry and a ton more Orcs to paint up. I think I will start getting creative with their armor. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Very cool! The hand gunners especially look great.


  4. Thanks Nick! They were some of the first of my 20mm Warmaster guys in my "Warmaster on the Cheap" project. I think the 20mm guys are much cheaper and look just as good on the tabletop. Just wait until I get to put that artillery, cavalry, and more infantry on the table! Should look pretty good. Thanks for commenting,