Thursday, July 17, 2014

PANZERBLITZ in miniature!

I have often commented on this blog that Panzerblitz would make an ideal miniatures rules set and those of us who cut our teeth on Panzerblitz, Panzerleader, and Arab-Israeli Wars have a miniatures rules set to try out on a rainy Saturday.

Dan Fraser, on his excellent wargaming wiki "Canuck Commander" has posted an re-write of the famous Panzerblitz family of rules for the miniature world.  (found here)

Those of you who enjoy fighting real battles where a unit equals a platoon or a Soviet company will not be disappointed.  SOUND OFFICERS CALL fought a "small" battalion action recently using Mr Fraser's rules and found them to be satisfying and true to the original game.

 The game pitted a German infantry battalion on foot with 2 Stug-III platoons and a Tiger I platoon, along with 2 batteries of 105mm towed artillery and 2 ME-109 bomb-equipped airstrikes.

eager German Landsers cross the line of departure
 So besides some neat pictures what else do I have for you?  Well some observations really.  If you are a fan of platoon-based stands, and like fighting large battles without alot of hassle, then this game is "probably" for you.  If you want to spend 30 US dollars, you could also buy a copy of GHQ's WWII MicroArmour: The Game as it is based off of many, many, many of the same mechanisms and procedures that Panzerblitz was founded on.   (actually, you can download GHQ's WWII rules for FREE in color now from their website...that's right.  Absolutely free.  With the infantry rules and everything).

 Panzerblitz, and Mr Fraser's re-write use a Combat Results Table although I have to admit, I'm partial to Mr Fraser's combat results table over the original game, where engagements can now lead to morale checks with varying degrees of severity.
Soviet infantry platoons dug in are targeted by German artillery!
 Panzerblitz in miniature is clean and the action happens FAST.  With a battle generally decided within an hour or two.  Probably just like playing the boardgame.
Result 1 platoon DISRUPTED.

Air arrived on turn 2 but the bombs missed...Never send a fighter pilot to do a real man's work.
 Okay so this is probably also an attempt to show off my 15mm Germans...again!

recon 223 hit by the SU-76!  The action is heating up.  The lead German elements come under accurate Soviet Artillery fire as you can see in the background.
 Forgive my incomplete painted models.  I'm doing an overhaul of basically all of my WWII Germans...

Soviets await the attack

No man's land as the German battalion advance heats up.  Soviets move more infantry platoons in to reinforce.

mortar platoon and the CP stand.

Lessons Learned:  Oh boy is this going to sound familiar to any of you who actually read my blog...

Combined Arms: Just like GHQ - you have to use your artillery and direct fires to achieve a "disruption" result so you can move in and close assault or over-run the enemy while they are disrupted.  Opportunity fire from Panzerleader and Arab-Israeli wars is introduced so use smoke to obscure movement if you have it!

Slow Infantry:  Did you ever notice, just like a paper defending a thesis, Avalon Hill games always seem to have a "theme" the author wants you to subscribe to.  Squad Leader was basically to move in cover and out of sight wherever you go.  Panzerblitz seems to be that infantry are slower than molasses and should be transported, ideally in armored halftracks wherever you go.  I increased their movement to 4" which was still barely nothing compared to the 16" and 18" movement of my tracked vehicles...

Anyways, this is my daughter's birthday weekend everyone so don't expect too much gaming, painting, or war-like transmissions from this net.  Looks like it's all Peppa Pig and Minnie Mouse for the next 48 hours.

Six Out...

My daughter playing piano at my Uncle's House.  She likes playing on that piano as much as I do!


  1. It's about TIME somebody mini'd Panzerblitz.

    1. Yes John, I'd agree. Mr Fraser's take on mini Panzerblitz is spot-on and the game plays much like the boardgame. What would be even better would be to place micro-armor on 3" square sabots... But another project is the last thing we need!

  2. Sweet looking game Steven. The quicker a game the better I reckon. The picfest was worth the visit.

    Good luck with the birthday festival.

    1. Thanks, Paul. It was fun breaking out my old Panzerblitz pieces to see movement and firing values etc.

      Yes - birthday fest is ongoing.....

  3. Very interesting. I noticed that the rules were written with 3mm(?) in mind. Did you change anything for 15mm? I also can't remember, have you ever tried Squad Leader in Miniature (SLiM)?

    1. I didn't have to change anything. I just used the rules as they were printed with decent results. The infantry move a little slow, but they move slow in the boardgame as well...

  4. Thanks for your kind words. I have been living out in the woods for sometime since my medical release from the army and not thought much about war gaming. Glad to see the rules still interest folks.

    1. It's an honor, Dan. Glad you liked my post and I hope it did your work justice. I also like what you did with Charles Grant's BATTLE. Enjoy the woods. I am out backpacking as much as practical with a 4 year old daughter and a job!