Thursday, August 21, 2014

BATTLE: New Sequence of Play

As I discussed on a post a few days ago, it's time to bring BATTLE into the 21st Century.  I should add here that there was nothing particularly wrong about BATTLE, just that the sequence of events or play needed a little work.

Bear in mind that most things happen in this new sequence almost at the same time.

I also noticed that I was forgetting about other facets during the game so a slightly more organized sequence of play may help with that:

1. Admin Phase
-Check unit morale
-Roll for visibility *First turn only (See BATTLE visibility chart)
-Radio Contact(5 or 6, 1D6)*First turn only
-Maintain Radio Contact (2+ / 1D6)
-Recce units spot (See BATTLE Spotting Chart)

2. Artillery Phase
-Place Barrage & Roll for Artillery or Air Strikes, FO Must have LOS to target.  All Map fires must be coordinated prior to game starting.
-Attempt to move or repeat previous barrages
-Attack targets under template
-Test all units under template for suppression (Per BATTLE rules for suppression)

3. Movement Phase
-Move all friendly units
 -Friendly non-recce units may attempt spotting now
-Enemy Units placed on Ambush may Opportunity Fire

4. Shooting Phase
-Attack enemy targets with small arms and tank fires

In my previous post about BATTLE, I lamented the fact that tanks did not have an HE attack to fight infantry so here I give them one.  Roll your standard "To Hit" roll based on the range and conditions, and then there is a "To Kill" roll that must be rolled.

Tank HE Fire
-Usual Tank “To Hit” value per BATTLE based on Range, must select target
Open 4+
Soft Cover 5+
Hard Cover 6

I would also like to give mortars and indirect fire a template on the table.

Mortars & HE Fire
                -Use small Blast template for Small Mortars and Artillery Pieces (round GW Epic blast template)
                -Use medium blast template for Artillery Calibers up to 130mm (1 ¼ inch square template)
                -Use large blast template for Artillery Calibers above 130mm (2” square template)

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