Friday, October 12, 2012

DAK Armor Battalion...FINALLY!

Well I have FINALLY finished the Afrika Korps Tank Battalion I've been striving for ever since this summer.  What a mess - but glad to report they're ready for action along side my DAK Infantry Battalion, which has everything it needs except the weapons company, AT section, and the last of the Engineers...  Cannot wait to get those buggers done - then it will be time for some North Africa action - Tunisian style.

I have a Sherman Battalion ready for dry-brushing and then we actually will be ready for a big showdown....

I plan on playing the same engagement using multiple rules-sets to include Blitzkrieg Commander, GHQ, Spearhead, as well as my own, home-grown rules I used in college, with some modifications.  Cannot wait to see how all of it goes.  I will report on each battle and determine what, if any, are the "best" rules sets.  In BKC terms, this unit is 655 points.

Anyways, here is the Battalion:  1 Command Group which serves as the CO and HQ for BKC, as well as the HQ for GHQ's rules.  Additionally, I have a "heavy" company of Panzer IV's, a Light Company of Panzer II's and a Medium Company of Panzer IIIs.
Battalion Commander

Battalion arrayed for Battle.  

This 223 will serve as an HQ for the Armor Battalion.  Or an FAO - whichever I need.

The heavy company.  A Panzer IV short for infantry, and a Panzer IV long barrel - the long barrel is a battlefront model.

my workhorse company.  4 Panzer IIIs.

4th Platoon!

Light Company Panzer II next to a Wargames Factory 15mm Plastic Trooper for scale...The WGF guys will be part of a new SS Unit I will be constructing for Market Garden!

Light Company.  These Panzer II's will make great vehicles for dashing end-runs around infantry positions, or fodder to draw fire so my longer gunned Panzer IIIs can advance unharmed!


  1. I am looking forward to your rules comparison. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Nick. I have been meaning to do a project like this for years. I think it would be useful to show everyone the pros and cons, and see which one has the most favorable results in people's eyes. Also to see if there are glaring differences in the outcomes, solely based on the rules.

  2. A fine formation. You don't mention 'Command Decision' as a possible rule set to test, but the battalion you have here would 'fit' that rule set reasonably well.

    1. Ion,
      You're right I didn't even consider Command Decision when I typed out my rules challenge before. I own CDIII and have very much enjoyed reading the rules and such. I absolutely love Volley & Bayonet too. Consider them added to the challenge.