Sunday, February 2, 2014

15mm Soviet Motor Rifle Troops & Other WIP

Greetings All,
Short post here.  I finally  broke open my pack of Command Decision 15mm "Middle Eastern Regulars" and painted them up in a dark khaki standard Soviet-looking kit.  They are bristling with automatic weapons, grenades and support weapons and they are looking good!  I have them posted next to a Zvezda BTR-80 and T-72 for scale.  These guys can be a fireteam, squad, or platoon.  Whatever I have in mind to play.

Soviet Team, Squad, Platoon etc...

Advance!  For the Rodina!

Every Motor Rifle Trooper needs a ride.

Leader Stand.  15mm Fig is from Khurasan Miniatures Arab-Israeli Syrian set. 

Next to the T-72.

Slightly better lighting.  Still working on the photography aspect of all this.

Nothing special - but a different shade of blue paint for my Napoleonics and a different painting method.  Not bad.

Sort of decided on a basing scheme for my 20mm Napoleonics.  The 2 Soldiers per 1" square base allows me to configure them for pretty much any game I will play.  Black Powder, Age of Eagles, Charles Grant's classic "The War Game" Volley & Bayonet, etc.  Here they are pictured as I'll arrange them for Black Powder.

Surpise!  My Israeli 15mm Troops taking shape.  I am going to repaint them but I thought I'd show off the figures.  They are from Quality Castings.

The dude with the Galil is pretty cool looking.


  1. Nice Soviet conversions, they look the part. I particularly like the command figure with the AKM across his chest.
    The buttons and piping on the Napoleonic dudes also look great!

  2. Thank you Ben. I can have some great cold war games when I get enough of these fellas painted.

  3. Nice work on the troops. I've finally caught up with your blog again and I like what you are doing with Combat Team. I would love to say that I would play test, but I am juggling too many projects right now and can't commit. If you do share it I will be an enthusiastic hoarder at the very least.

    1. Thanks, Sean. Glad you've caught up. Combat Team! has some pretty exciting features to it I've been coming up with. I will send you the basic rules when I've finished and have them at the point where they're "exportable." I'm working on specialist units now as well as the modern version.

      If you like Epic Armageddon you'll love this game. The mechanics are somewhat similar. (initiative by turn, and unit activation)

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