Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Been Awhile!

Greetings All,
  Been a busy last few weeks but not too busy where I can't post an update!  Still working on Napoleonics and rebasing (actually if you've been following my blog, re-re-re-rebasing).  Going back to the original 1" square bases (pictures soon, promise!).

Also a quick update on the Combat Team! WW2 Rules...  Writing the rules is done!  I slapped together a quick Quick Reference Sheet and am going to start initial testing of a web platform for sharing and collaboration if anyone is interested in playtesting, sharing ideas, or helpful suggestions on the rules.  (truth be told, I may just link them to a Google-Document and upload the link to my blog, but I would rather have a dedicated site where people can post ideas.)

I still have to put the Army Lists and Weapon Value information in some kind of published format but so far, the rules are done.  I think the back-and-forth on the close assault rules will continue, but it's all healthy and good for hammering out a final product.

As always, playtesting (the fun part!) will continue.

Hope everyone is having a great day.  If you happen to be on the east coast of the US, pray for spring!


  1. Yes, been wondering where you've been...

    1. Ken,
      You can thank old man winter who, for some reason, continues to make my life miserable, ensuring I will have zero time for painting, basing, flocking, or any other hobby production...