Sunday, December 4, 2011

Progress Update

There always seems to be ten million things to do.  I have not had much time to paint lately, but when I have painted something, it's been a unit from the AWI Battle of Hubbardton Project.  I am pleased to report the following readiness status:

British Forces:
Grenadier Battalion is Complete
24th Foot is Complete
Major Acland is Complete

American Forces:
2nd New Hampshire Infantry is Complete with Colors
11th Massachusetts Infantry is Complete with Colors
Colonel Nathan Hale is complete.
Colonel Ebeneezer Francis is Complete.

Green Mountain Boys are 65% complete!!!  (very excited)
British Light Infantry Battalion is prepped and ready for their first slab of paint.
Brigadier General Simon Fraser is prepped and ready for his uniform

Still need to paint up:
Indian Scouts
Loyalist Scouts / Canadian Sharpshooters

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