Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Finally got an opportunity to get in a quick series of CROSSFIRE-VIETNAM games.  My first, even though I've owned Vietnam Minis for years.  I played a quick game in 15mm and then a game with my neat-looking 20mm Italeri guys.
US Squad Attempting to Cross the Road to flank the Church

From the 20mm Game, US Platoon moves out towards known VC positions

Although the single soldier bases represented fire-teams, I think they came off rather well and the game was fun and also slightly aesthetically pleasing as well.  Also - scenery is Pet Store Aquarium foliage.  I think it makes nice jungle.  the Palm trees are too expensive to fill up a table.
Sergeant Salisbury screams at his team "Get your asses up into that  brush NOW!"

Scenario:  Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 27th Infantry Regiment (Wolfhounds) and hard fighting during Operations Attleboro as the US Army and its allies attempt to drive Charlie out of his safe-havens and destroy almost a division's worth of stockpiled supplies.

This scenario saw first A Company in 15mm (stands represent squads) and then 1st Platoon, A Company (figures represent fire teams) attempt to take a destroyed church or plantation building or whatever.  The VC are expecting them and mount a hasty defense to deny the area to the US Army.  In the first scenario they pay the price!  Second scenario, US loses 1 fireteam knocked out and that's about it.  The rest are suppressions and pins that are easily remedied.

There is also some heavy metal mixed in for sport.  Enjoy.  Huzzah!
Heavy Metal
US Platoon enters the brush. Platoon leader is chatting away on the radio in the background. 

First Squad fans out to the left.

US Squad occupies the Church and finds the VC main force commander in the open!

US Forces quickly come under fire but the church bricks and rubble offer decent protection from small arms fire and they come out unscathed.

From the 15mm game, US Forces attempt the road crossing to assault the VC element.  Those 2 red dice with "6's" on them are bad news!
Towards the end of the 20mm game, the US Reserve Squad emerges from the orchard next to the church and  flanks the remaining VC elements.

Final Combat!

US Platoon Leader along with an M60 section, M79 Section and a rifleteam.  All this for a Platoon Leader!? 


  1. Great game! I've added your link on my own blog, it would be appreciated if you could do the same. So we can foolow each others progress and wargame adventures.

  2. Thank you sir! You have been added to the right side of the blog.

    I kept the terrain up and am going to complete 1 more game using Pete Jones' excellent Cold War Commander rules hopefully soon! I will post pics for sure. Thanks for commenting!