Wednesday, January 11, 2012


  Finally completed my Hessian (actually Brunswicker) Regiment for my Hubbardton Scenario.  If you recall your history, Baron Von Riedesel marches with his Dragoons from their encampment to flank the Americans at Hubbardton, rendering their position untenable.  The last thing the Americans hear is German singing.  There's something to be said of their discipline as well - having gone to college in Vermont, I can tell you I wouldn't want to be marching around in those iron-shod riding boots they went to war in.

They are the last of my units for the Hubbardton project!  (Be sure to watch the video at the bottom)

While their glue is not dry, and the bases are not finished, I wanted to take some pictures and the pictures turned out pretty nicely!  Huzzah!
Hessian Dragoons cleverly disguised as Fusiliers from Musket Miniatures

The Fusilier Battalion in march column,

The glue is still wet!

Color officer.  How did a minifigs guy get in there!!!

Hessian left flank.

The reader will excuse the lack of colors!  Have to print the flag out.

Marching to war singing a rousing German marching song.

Watch for a classic General Gates' rant from the classic movie "The Crossing" starting at minute 3.

I completed a foot-slogging Baron (Major General) Von Riedesel but will showcase him when I complete Brigadier General Fraser.  That is enough AWI for one day!  I hope these Hessians are as stubborn on the battlefield as they were painting and basing...

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