Monday, January 28, 2013

French Imperial Guard Grenadiers - Shako

I miscalculated the number of figures I would need for my 2 stands so I improvised.  Instead of 1 rank firing and 1 rank loading, I ended up with just one rank so I could properly make 2 stands for my Shako French Army.

These are HaT from the 1808-1812 infantry set, and mighty nice they are too.  My painting doesn't do them justice that's for sure.

With Napoleonics, I like to keep the more elite fellows in Reserve to commit once the breakthrough is established.  That being said, after last battle, I may decide to use them in more of a role as spearhead.  We will see!
The Imperial Guard in battle line!  

Target practice at the post-it notes

I love the way HaT models their weapons.  The detail really stands out.

Cool under fire.  

A fine addition to any Shako French Army.  Now I have 2 "elite" or "Guards" Battalions of French.  That qualifies me for an elite brigade!  (if I add my grenadiers a cheval, I'll have an elite Division!)

Next up I completed my Portuguese Artillery crewmen, French Artillery Crewmen, and about 9 terrorist insurgents for Seek Out, Close With, & Destroy.  Pictures of those fellows to follow.

Next up on the work bench are another squad of US Rangers w the chocolate chip helmets which seemed to garner so much positive feedback from you all, as well as a squad of US Army in ACU uniforms, French Napoleonic Lights, another British Peninsula outfit, then it's on to some other project starts:

15mm AWI British Regulars, 55th Foot, Battle of Princeton.
15mm US Airborne Company
15mm German SS Company in fall camo
20mm US Delta Force & SEALS in proper kit
20mm Russian VDV Airborne


  1. They look good indeed Steven!


  2. Hey Steve:
    I don't know the HAT line very well but they do like really good figures. My only quibble with your post is that I think you did them more than adequate justice with your painting skills. They look like proper grognards. Vive L'Empereur!

    1. Thanks, Michael - uplifting comments are always appreciated!

  3. Nice work
    when Hat gets it right they do really nice figs its such a same they had that time when they made poor figs

    1. Thank you, Gowan. I very much like the look of their recent work. Can't wait until the Seven YEars War guys come out!

  4. Very nice indeed. Is the white dry brushed, washed, or both; I like the affect.

    1. Mike,
      A little bit of both. I dry brushed a little white on first to soften the black. Then I patched on heavy white in the raised areas. The HaT guys take this application nicely.

      Thanks for commenting. I think some Volley and Bayonet is in order soon.


    2. I certainly encourage that. Until I finally rebased my Napoleonic armies from NB to V&B, I just puttied the small bases to the 3"x3" bases.

    3. Mike,
      It's funny - I am going for rebasing my already re-based Volley & Bayonet troopers for smaller, regimental sized bases for the ACW. I replicate one level lower - ie Brigade commander is on the table and division commander plays role of Corps Commander in larger games. I think they call that "wing scale?"

      I enjoyed the smaller based games alot more ie Regimental Grand Tactical.

  5. Great looking Grenadiers, fantastic work!

    1. Thank you, Phil. The HaT Grenadiers have fantastic detail.