Friday, January 25, 2013

US Army Ranger Squad, Mogadishu, 1993

Next up on the list, and a major project milestone for 2013 are my Mogadishu US Army Ranger Platoon troopers.  This is one squad of Rangers who will provide outer cordon security for Delta Force as they execute High Value Target raids within Mogadishu looking for everyone's favorite warlord.

I used the standard, US Army 3 color DCU for blouse and trousers and used the "chocolate chip" helmet covers.  The Chocolate Chip turned out pretty well in my opinion, and is subtle enough that I can use these guys for Operations Enduring Freedom (A-stan) and Iraqi Freedom without too much issues with my obsessive compulsive disorder...

They will become increasingly important as I begin to execute more high-level operations with Special Operations Forces to include the Tora Bora operations, as well as the Sha-i-kot valley.  I need plenty of SEALS and Rangers for those battles.

In a painting frenzy with the weather.  Next up will be either some more Napoleonic Troopers to include another of my Royal Spanish Grenadiers, British Foot-Sloggers, French Artillerymen, or your run of the mill, garden variety middle eastern insurgents.  Enjoy!
Ranger scanning the rooftops

Selecting targets, the fireteam provides cover for another Ranger element

Scan your sectors!

M203 Gunner.  You didn't think I'd miss out on the extra firepower die in Force on Force did you?  

"Dude, you don't need your night vision, we'll be home in half an hour..."

Action shot!

another good pic. 


  1. Again, great work. Love the chocolate chip helmets.

    1. thanks, Nick! The trick is not putting too many chocolate chips on there lol!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Gowan. I cannot wait to see them on the tabletop!

  3. They are very good but the chocolate chip is the best part.
    I look forward to seeing a game set up with these!

    1. Thanks, Ben! First up I think will either be a Mogadishu game where 2 squads must advance to the opposite side of the table to locate the downed UH, OR I will play the first battle in the Operation Enduring Freedom book with ODA and "Eastern Alliance" fighters defending the village and bridge from the Taliban. Cant wait! Thanks for commenting,


    2. Both of those sound fun.
      I would love to do a urban game but whenever I try, I run into some problems: not enough buildings; and creating the surprise element in solo play. But some day I'll get to it! Especially now with my Iranians, they just scream for urban combat for some reason!

    3. Yeah I'm looking forward to some good urban fun with DH. You're right - the idea of some long US or British infantry units holding fast against hordes of IRGC armor and commandos sounds like alot of fun.

      Truthfully, you could do what I do with the buildings, Ben. I have shoeboxes and tissue boxes spray painted tan. You can supplement little details and it turns out okay.

      I have HO scale buildings I purchased from train stores that can also fill in roles along side the shoeboxes and it still works out OK. Add in printed roads, telephone poles, donkey carts and matchbox cars and you've got a working village.

      Also - use the "cake topper" palm trees from birthday stores, which are literally 99 cents for 2 trees. While they're coconut palms, people still get the general idea.