Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year Resolutions 2013

Okay maybe it's cliche or something to have New Year's "Hobby" Resolutions but here is my plan for 2013.

Reading last year's goals for 2012, I did achieve 5 out of 10 of my Hobby Resolutions, which is great news.  That's not at all the rate of progress i expected.

For 2013, I have some equally ambitious plans and I hope to complete more than 50%:

1. Rebase all of my 20mm US, Muhj guys on pennies, complete Brit and French platoon for Afgan ops.
2. Complete my Fire & Fury Day 1 Gettysburg Project (Cutler's BDE and Howard's Corps), Rebel Command
3. Start the Princeton AWI Project
4. DH Sci Fi Project: Finish my Guard platoon, Chaos cultists platoon, and Blood Pact platoon
5. Start "Market Garden" Forces: German SS, US Airborne, British Paras, British Heavies for 15mm WWII and my Canadian heavies.
6. Game large GHQ WWII 15mm North Africa, Normandy, and Market Garden Games, and large BKC 15mm WWII Normandy and North Africa Games
7. Game large Napoleonic, ACW, and AWI Volley & Bayonet Games
8. "Do Something" with my 20mm fantasy troops. Either WFB or individually based for skirmish, or both.
9. Start my 18th/19th Century Skirmish Troops using my 20mm guys.
10. Finish the LZ Xray Project and play it using CWC. Also finish my Vietnam mech forces and game a CWC battle.
These are all do-able goals for 2013.  One thing I've learned from 2012 is to not bite off more than I can chew!  I'm hoping to have a 100% completion for next year's review.  Huzzah! 
Thanks for reading Sound Officers Call!  Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year! These sound like good goals, especially the Brits and French. I have become bogged-down with my British platoon about 2/3 finished. They are actually a small unit, I just can't get the camo to look right.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Ben. Happy New Year to You as well! I think these goals are do-able. British DPM is tough, even on 20mm guys I think. The trick is a small brush for the "swipes" of color they have. You could paint them all in your base color, then apply larger blotches of the second color, and then "swipe" your dark color with the small brush. That might help.


  2. Sounds like a bunch of stuff. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Nick. I will need lots of luck for this year to finish these projects!!


  3. Happy New Year Steve,,,, Man, that sounds like one hell of a list! Good luck with your projects for this year.

    All the best.