Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Modern Action! T-80s vrs M1A1s

Played a short, sharp modern game this morning featuring my T-80 force against a scratch force of M1A1s with the goal, obviously, of the T-80s breaking through the American position.  Each stand represents a section of 2 vehicles.  The game started out with the Soviet recon section, BRDM-2, on the table reconnoitering the American position in the quaint and fictitious German village of Langewald.

The initiative went to the US force the first turn, with the Americans calling in 155mm Artillery on the Soviet scouts.  It hits home and KOs the Soviet scouts before they even had a chance to pinpoint the US positions.

Soviet BRDM2 burning on the Langenstrasse Road, also known as the A-41.
 Next, the Soviet Battalion moved forward with a company working its way through farmfields on their right in an attempt to attack the US positions.  On the Soviet left, the other company of the Battalion stalled out on the road, possibly attempting to spot the American positions?

US Abrams Main Battle Tanks lay in wait for Ivan
 Soviets have a bit of bad luck on their right, and the understrength Company of T-80s takes some casualties from the hidden American positions.
The Soviet "Company" on the right burns...meanwhile their Company on the left churns forward.

Moving past the burning scouts towards Langewald.

Deadly Soviet T-80s fan out for the attack

in the background, the Soviets get lucky and KO 1 American M1A1 section and start to take more casualties themvselves.  Unbelievably, none of the Soviet units became suppressed during the engagement.

Final Tally: 5 Soviet T-80 Sections destroyed, and 1 American Section knocked out.  The Americans win this battle

langewald stays in American hands...for now.

LESSONS LEARNED:  I played with the modern upgrade for my Combat Team! rules set.  These changes make the modern battlefield more deadly and make for fast play.  One thing I did learn was to use the concept of fire and movement and try to suppress as many units as possible.  If you have multiple units, place one on fire orders and try to kill or suppress as many as possible, then move with your other element.

The strike values for my moderns make for an interesting game.  I give M1A1s a strike value of "10" with a defensive value of "20."  The Soviet T-80 has a strike value of 10 also but a defense of 16, making them more vulnerable to gun attacks.  Here are some interesting modern modifications I've made to spice the game up:

Advanced Fire Control:  3rd Generation Main Battle Tanks with Advanced Fire Control receive a cumulative +1 on their "To Hit" roll.  Really nasty when used with the "Attack By Fire" order (so you get a +2 To Hit).

Stabilization: Vehicles with stabilization can conduct a double move and fire without the -1 To Hit modifier.  (can't be used in conjunction with the advanced fire control - you can use 1 or the other)

Better Engine Performance: Most AFVs in the game move 25 to 30cms, much faster than their WW2 cousins.

Once I pick up my Zvezda Bradleys and get those GIs painted up, I can start having some larger Cold-War-Hot battles.  This was a good one to kick off the campaign season.


  1. Beautiful models and game table.

    1. Thank you, Charles. They are Quality Castings T-80s and BRDM2 along with Zvezda M1A1 all 1/100 or 15mm scale.

  2. Nice report Steven. The smoke looks great as well.

    1. Thanks Paul, the smoke are cotton puffs glue to pennies and spray painted black. I like how they turned out.

      I see you are foraying into the dark, dark world of 15mm. Tread lightly my friend, once you start buying up 15s, you never stop.

  3. Hi Steven ! i was really impressed by your rules. In some points they recalled to me WWII Battlefront (Fire and Fury pubb )rules but seem easier and faster to master and play. I'm also really interested in cold war version of your rules.Have you already planned to let them downloadable ? thanks in advance and greetings from Italy

  4. Grazie, Marfac!
    I am glad you liked the rules. I based them off EPIC: Armageddon's activation system and close combat system (Sort of) except that much like Battlefront, the units are sections or half of platoons.

    If you like Epic Armageddon and WWII combat you will really like my rules.

    I am still working on the Cold War version of the rules. As soon as I have all of the Strike Values for the vehicles completed, along with the special rules for moderns, I will post them as a supplement to this blog.

    I would love additional play-testers and am always available for rules assistance. Let me know how your Combat Team! games go, and thank you for commenting.


    PS I have relatives who live in Calabria in the village of Curinga.

  5. Thanks Steven i'll follow strictly your blog and as soon as my kids will give me some free time i'll test your rules. I don't know Epic Armageddon so all will be new and interesting for me. I live in the north of Italy about 50km from Milano and very near to Swiss border. Calabria is at the opposite. I was there at least three times for summer holidays. Beautiful sea and food.