Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Painting "Progress" and Future Projects

So I'm happy to report that even though work has been a bear lately, I was able to complete the following units, based for Black Powder but interchangeable with my own Age of Eagles forces:

British Rifle "Battalion" (Peninsula War)
British Converged Grenadier Battalion (Peninsula War)
British Royal Artillery Crew (foot) & 1 Gun
1 KGL Cavalry unit of 6 stands (2 mounts each)
My "experimental" Spanish Army stands (Peninsula War)

I still have another French Line Battalion to finish, as well as a French Grenadier Battalion.  Remember those sweet Spanish Royal Grenadier Guards I painted up with the incorrect Green tunics?  In the interest of lazy I'm going to paint over the green tunics with my French blue.  Sucks but I have an Army to complete...(Dont get me wrong.  I liked the green tunics.)

On other fronts - I started the painful and laborious process of rebasing my AWI guys to conform to Black Powder.  This means for every line Regiment in the force, I'll have to paint up about 1 to 2 stands of 4 troops each to make up the difference (I could probably make due with 5 stand units but darn-it, the 6 stand 15mm units look good.)

For modern 15s, the Israeli force is nearing completion with only 2 more M113s to knock out.  Then it's onto the Sho'ts and finishing up the T-55 Battalion.  Wait until you guys all see the infantry!  My "OPFOR" infantry is looking good with 1 stand wearing a khaki drab uniform and the other stand wearing a camo uniform with colors reminiscent of the Soviet VDV-Spetsnaz uniforms.  I mixed in Khurasan 15mm with the Command Decision troops and they look sharp.  I promise I'll post a picture or 2 in the next few days.

Wonder if I should go through the trouble of buying some 15mm BMD-1s???  Who makes good 15mm BMDs?  Substituting 1/72 would be a bad idea for 15mm games...

Okay on the World War II front, my REPAINT of my Market Garden Paras is almost done and boy do they look GOOD now.  If you liked my 20mm DPM Camo on my modern brits, you'll love these guys.  Also need to finish my Marder III platoon.  Wait until you see the make-over they got.  Stay tuned!


  1. 1/72 is waaay too big for 15mm. Don't even think about it. QRF makes a 15mm BMD-1, and if you've never used their stuff, you'll be very happy with it.

    Scalecreep has them - http://www.scalecreep.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=1483_2809_2825

  2. Thanks, Ski. The OCD in me could never actually mix 1/72 and 15mm - even as cheap as I am with my miniatures...

    I checked out scale creep's site. And to think - last time I ordered QRF, I ordered them direct from the company....

    I'll have to divert some funds towards my air assault forces for sure.